Why Sutton Stracke’s Magic Mike Freakout Was Super Disrespectful

(Photo by Rich Polk/Bravo via Getty Images)

What in the Georgia sweet tea did I watch on the most recent episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Now, I’ve always liked Sutton Stracke and her eccentric ways, but this exotic dancing freakout was too much. Yet, this could be the type of attitude you get when you are given $300,000 a month in alimony. As the countess says, money can’t buy you class.  Sutton Stracke’s Magic Mike freakout is a prime example.

Prude or Phony?

Sutton Stracke/Instagram

If you don’t like naked bodies, you shouldn’t be attending a male review show, it’s as simple as that. The RHOBH ladies went to the Magic Mike show in Las Vegas, and honestly, it was pretty gross. But it wasn’t the stripping, it was Sutton’s reaction. For the entire episode leading up to the show, Sutton made it clear she does not enjoy wearing pants but made the exception when it was hinted that all the women would be brought up on stage. However, on further reflection, the male dancers chose almost every one of her friends around her, leaving Sutton very sour. 

She stormed out of the theater as fast as her twig legs could carry her, only to be met with confused faces from her friends who were genuinely enjoying themselves. The mother of two swore up and down that she wasn’t mad that she wasn’t picked, swearing on the American Ballet Board she sits on. But her performance was lackluster.

My heart did ache for Sutton, who earlier seemed very excited, saying in her confessional, “We’re in Vegas. I want to get up on stage and dance with strippers. I mean, come on, why not? No one will know.”

It Was Crystal’s Birthday

Kyle Richards/Instagram

Sutton does have a way of somehow always bringing the spotlight back onto her. This whole trip was in honor of Crystal Kung Minkoff’s 40th birthday. You remember that year, right, Sutton? When your friends and family throw a big celebration in your honor. It most certainly isn’t the time or place to throw a major tantrum. The fact that Crystal had to leave the show to go comfort Sutton on a sprinter bus was a travesty! 

I personally want a redo for Crystal. She doesn’t ask for much, so the fact that her special night was held hostage by an unstable Sutton was not okay. For once, I agree with Erika Jayne’s attitude of letting Sutton cry it out. There was no need for anyone else to play into her own pity party.

Sutton Insulated the Dancers

Cyrstal Kung Minkoff/Instagram

The Magic Mike show in Las Vegas costs roughly $75 bucks a ticket, depending on which night you decide to attend. Now, we know money is no problem for Sutton, but I think little Miss Manners is forgetting her co-star, Erika, actually went out of her way to get some extra perks for their night of theatre. Erika made sure the ladies had the best seats in the house, a personal waiter, and a meet and greet with the stars. Basically, Erika called in a few favors and then calmly watched as her frenemy pissed all over it. 

The Pretty Mess singer knows what makes a good show and played into her time on stage with the male dancer. Now, personally, I wouldn’t want a stripper rubbing his face on me, but I can see why Erika embraced the challenge. Sutton came across as a hypocrite when she noted it was okay for Kyle Richards to have her breasts covered in cream and licked, but Erika and Crystal couldn’t enjoy some safe dry humping. 

Sutton as Judge Judy

Crystal Kung Minkoff/Instagram

Sutton’s comment, “I’m f*cking pissed. It was a fun show until I saw my two friends. They had their legs wide open with a man’s face inside their crotch,” didn’t sit right and felt very judgy. Again, I can understand not being comfortable with partaking in a strip show, but then why not bow out gracefully and meet the rest of the women after the show?

Instead, Sutton’s outburst made everyone feel small for even finding the smallest amount of enjoyment out of it. Kyle and Crystal both stated that their husbands wouldn’t even have gotten as mad, so why did Sutton?

It very much felt like Sutton had been transported back to middle school, where she probably wasn’t the most popular. By strapping on pants and makeup and drinking up, I believe she truly felt she was going to have a rambunctious night with the girls and finally prove she could be cool. Instead, she “wore f*cking pants for nothing” and became a representation of what the other women never want to be—stuck up and boring.