Our Dream 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 8 Couples


90 Day Fiancé Season 10 is currently airing, which means 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? will likely be the next spin-off announced. Happily Ever After? Season 8 has a lot of potential, since the franchise has seen some interesting couples lately. Many of them are still together, although others have interesting twists in their relationships that could make for good television.

These couples are our dream cast for the next season of Happily Ever After? and we really hope to see them return to our screens soon!

David & Sheila

(David Dangerfield/Instagram)

Sheila Mangubat and David Dangerfield were a fan favorite couple on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days Season 6, and we would love to see them again soon! David made history as the franchise’s first deaf cast member, with Sheila also representing the hard of hearing community. The couple got engaged at the end of the season, and David filed for Sheila’s K-1 visa as soon as he returned to the states.

While not typical, some couples have jumped from Before the 90 Days to Happily Ever After?, without appearing on the OG show first. Since David and Sheila were a beloved couple, viewers would probably be happy to see their journey on almost any spin-off.

Bilal & Shaeeda

(Shaeeda Sween/Instagram)

Bilal Hazziez and Shaeeda Sween last appeared on Happily Ever After? Season 7, but we wouldn’t mind seeing them return for Season 8. The couple was originally controversial, as viewers felt that Bilal was controlling and did not treat Shaeeda respectfully. Since then, the couple has gone through a lot together, and it seems like Bilal has really changed for the better.

It seems like Bilal and Shaeeda are in a much better place from when viewers first met them. The couple often share laughs on Pillow Talk and have a lot of fun together on social media. It would be nice to see a new perspective on Bilal and Shaeeda’s relationship and Happily Ever After? Season 8 could be the perfect opportunity!

Elizabeth & Andrei

(Elizabeth Castravet/Instagram)

Elizabeth Castravet and her husband Andrei Castravet have been on Happily Ever After? for four seasons, so why stop now? While Elizabeth’s family is tedious to watch, Elizabeth and Andrei on their own are entertaining to watch. They fight just enough to make good drama, but it is evident that their relationship always remains strong.

Since their time on Happily Ever After? Season 7, the couple welcomed their second child, a son named Winston. It would be interesting to see Elizabeth and Andrei tackle parenting both children on-screen. Andrei is particularly entertaining to watch, and he is always a good gossip at the Tell Alls as well.

Statler & Dempsey

(Statler Riley/Instagram)

Statler Riley and Dempsey Wilkinson first met on Before The 90 Days Season 6, and the two are still happily together today. The couple would be a perfect match for Happily Ever After?, as opposed to the OG show, since it does not seem Dempsey wants to move to the states. Statler and Dempsey were one of the only couples worth rooting for during Season 6, so it would be nice to see them on-screen again soon.

During the Season 6 Tell All, the ladies revealed that they planned to sell most of their things and travel around Europe together. It is unclear where that plan stands today, so it would be nice to catch up with them and see more of their new life together.

Emily & Kobe

(Emily Bieberly/Instagram)

Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise were not fan favorites when viewers first met them, however, they have since become much more likable. The couple are regulars on Pillow Talk, which has allowed fans to see a more lighthearted side of their relationship. Viewers mainly disliked the pair because of Emily, whom they felt acted ignorantly and immaturely. After their season, Emily took accountability and owned up to her actions, which was nice to see.

The couple recently announced that they are expecting their third child, so this could be an interesting storyline for Happily Ever After? if they were cast. Furthermore, Emily and Kobe welcomed their daughter, Scarlett, after filming, so it would be nice to see more of their larger family dynamic.