Everything We Know About Monica Garcia’s Affair With Her Brother-In-Law

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Monica Garcia joined the cast of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City just this year. Her entrance on Bravo was all over the map. In the first episode alone, Monica dished on being a Federal Government witness against RHOSLC‘s former star, Jen Shah. A few episodes later, she shared that she had been involved in an 18-months-long affair with her brother-in-law, proving that honesty and realness, with a side of ick, was her game.

Very few additional details about Monica’s affair followed. Until now, that is. Thanks to a source that decided to speak out to The US Sun last week, we’ve got further tea to now spill. Buckle up, as here’s everything that we know regarding Monica Garcia’s affair with her brother-in-law.

But First, Here’s What Monica Shared On-Air

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This season, the cast headed to Palm Springs. Prior to their departure, Monica met up with Heather Gay for a little bit of shopping. While out, Monica casually shared with her fellow former Mormon that she’d been involved in an affair, which saw her “f*cking my brother-in-law for 18 months.”

Later on at a cast dinner, Monica spoke on her affair again, basically repeating the same thing that she had already shared with Heather. On this, Mary Cosby‘s reaction had us on the floor. “Okay, cheers to that,” Mary said, while the other ladies nervously laughed, throwing out a few comments that basically matched their shock.

Monica Then Revealed The Fallout From Her Affair


While shopping with Heather, Monica also stated that her affair saw her excommunicated from the Mormon Church. She was “shunned from everyone, and literally unwelcome everywhere.” Monica described being “tagged” in this way as “truly one of the worst experiences of my life.”

Conversely, her brother-in-law, whom she described as her “husband’s sister—her husband,” was treated far better. He remained in the church, unpunished for his equally duplicitous role in their affair. “They never excommunicate the men,” Heather said, equally frustrated with the church that also previously shunned her.

To note, even though Monica and her husband later divorced, she claimed that this was not due to any fallout from her affair. “You guys are going to be shocked when you discover the real reasons why we’re actually getting a divorce now, because it’s not because of the affair,” she stated. She then explained that this divorce was actually quite simple, as the pair just didn’t work well together anymore as a couple.

The Identity of Monica Garcia’s Affair Partner

Monica Garcia's brother in law
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The men in Monica’s life have never appeared on camera. Her now ex-husband Mike lives far away, and her affair partner wasn’t even given a name on-air. That said, Monica’s brother-in-law has just been revealed. He’s a Fire Department Chief in Utah named Jared Taylor.

Jared, aged 42, graduated from Weber State’s Law Enforcement Academy in May 2019. Moving up the chain quickly, he is now the Division Chief for the Weber Fire District. He also has four children, just like Monica. That would’ve been a full combined house, and Monica definitely would not have been able to purchase her designer purse, because, groceries.

We Finally Have a Timeline

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Monica’s honesty, albeit shocking, made for an entertaining night out with her cast this season. The details were pretty murky though, as she never revealed the dates of her 18-months-long secret. Fast forward to recent times where a few clues have finally emerged. We will now use these little tidbits to help us roughly map out the starting and ending dates of their deception-filled hookups.

To begin, Monica married her now ex-husband, Mike Garcia, back in 2009. Shortly after saying “I do,” it appears that things went sour, as a source revealed that Jared and Monica’s affair began in 2010. Their time together came to an end in 2011, after Monica felt guilty and came clean to her Bishop. However, this wasn’t an easy affair to end, as “they were in love and even talked future plans,” this tea-spiller claimed.

Two years later, in 2013, Monica filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences.” However, she and Mike reached a place of grace, and they called the whole thing off. In contrast, Monica’s brother-in-law’s wife filed for a divorce from Jared in October 2014, also citing irreconcilable differences. Their divorce was finalized in March 2015.

As for Jared, he remarried, but this one also didn’t stick. His second divorce was finalized in November 2022. Maybe it’s him, eh?

Moving back to Monica, in June of 2023, Monica filed for divorce from Mike, again. Their divorce was finalized on October 24, 2023. These days, Monica’s now-ex husband lives “in another state across the country,” but the two remain extremely civil, as they are focused on co-parenting their children to the best of their abilities. This part, we love.