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RHOSLC Season 4: Monica Garcia’s Brother-In-Law Revealed After 18-Month Affair Bombshell

Monica Garcia came to Real Housewives of Salt Lake City in Season 4 and boy has she made a statement. She started strong but ended with most of the cast on her wrong side. That said she was on the right side of Andy Cohen at the reunion due to her antics.

Mon hopped on board with a compelling narrative of being ex-communicated from the Mormon church after having an affair. With her brother-in-law, a Fire Department Chief in Utah. Now the man behind Monica’s sins has been revealed. The U.S. Sun has the scoop.

A hunk of burning love?

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We see you sir, in the middle, with your fancy plaque.

When Monica joined Real Housewives, her main skeleton was a burning desire for infidelity put out by her brother-in-law the fire chief. She had a secret love fest with him for about 18 months.

Jared Taylor did more than keep the streets of Utah safe from raging infernos, a lot more. 42-year-old Jared graduated from Weber State’s Law Enforcement Academy in May 2019, but it looks like he might have skipped the ethics course. Since graduation, he has moved up the ladder and is now Division Chief for Weber Fire District.

He has four kids, just like Mon, and a degree in Business Administration and Management. The romantic entanglement began in 2010 and Monica confessed her wicked ways to the church’s bishop because she “felt guilty.”

Monica also said she was treated like the town pariah after the revelation. The RHOSLC star was allegedly “shunned from everyone and literally unwelcome everywhere” and said it was “truly one of the worst experiences of my life.”

An insider advised both Jared and Monica were “unhappy in their marriages” and Jared was “pursuing” her before the affair. “They were in love and even talked about future plans,” the source added. “Monica always gushed about Jared, but ultimately decided to not keep it a secret and told family and her church.”

The future wasn’t very bright …

“Once the secret was out, her life turned upside down,” the friend noted. While Monica was thrown out of the Mormon life, Fire Marshall Jared did not receive the same treatment.

Monica filed for divorce from her husband in 2013 citing irreconcilable differences and Jared’s wife dumped him in October 2014. Apparently, Jared is a busy man as he has already remarried and his second divorce was finalized in November 2022. Good luck to the next contender!

Season 4 of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City continues Tuesdays at 8 PM/ET on Bravo.