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RHOM’s Guerdy Abraira Done Waiting for ‘Liar’ Larsa Pippen’s Apology

Guerdy Abraira is generously sharing how she navigates breast cancer on Real Housewives of Miami. She’s been strong, vulnerable, and is ultimately doing this to hopefully help other women.

Our beloved Real Housewives franchise is certainly not shy about putting unsavory moments on display. We’ve seen people lie about cancer. Viewers have watched families break up. The Bravo audience has been subjected to racism, alleged sexual assault, and suicide. You might think we would be well-prepared for Larsa Pippen’s treatment of Guerdy on RHOM, but we weren’t.

RHOM fans witnessed Guerdy revealing her cancer diagnosis to an insensitive Larsa over lunch. While Larsa lacked empathy, she apparently also lacked dignity. After Guerdy expressly requested Larsa not share the news, Larsa immediately went and blabbed to fellow cast members. To say the viewers were appalled is putting it mildly and Larsa brushed off any backlash. Now Guerdy says she’s done waiting for any of “liar” Larsa’s potential show of remorse. Entertainment Tonight has the details.

Is it over for Larsa?

We can stomach a lot of things but the visceral reaction to Larsa’s treatment of Guerdy has swung the fandom into a united front. Unfortunately, we all know or love someone in relation to cancer and Larsa might have signed her walking papers. It’s not too often Real Housewives are relatable but Guerdy gave us that gift when she chose to expose her battle. Then her “friend” turned into something for camera time.

In the media, Larsa has acted nonchalantly about the feedback. She maintains it was in an effort to rally support and Larsa will die on that hill. It’s okay because Guerdy is done. ”I’m ready to not receive it,” she began. Don’t forget, this took place six months ago but we’re just seeing it now.

“There’s nowhere in the hemisphere right now where I see her understanding the impact of what happened. She still doesn’t get it. At BravoCon, she doubled down, and it is what it is, and it ain’t what it ain’t — and that’s okay,” Guerdy added. If you hadn’t noticed, Larsa has recently been on a mission in the media to talk about her non-engagement as much as possible. To Marcus Jordan, because we don’t hear enough about their co-dependant relationship.

Guerdy continued, “You know, someone actually today said, ‘Hey, why aren’t you unfollowing her?’ I mean, listen, I don’t even ‘follow’ her to be honest. I follow her, but I’m not following her, so it’s kind of like, she’s a blur.” Unless you have an interest in highly edited bikini shots, don’t bother.

Larsa appears to care about Larsa

Despite Larsa’s inability to conduct herself with humanity, Guerdy isn’t going down Petty Lane. ”There’s no need to sit there and press a button because I’m not that childish like she is.” Additionally, she isn’t impressed with Larsa’s attempt to manipulate the situation.

“I think the spin which she is trying work is quite laughable, and really, kind of honestly shocking. How do I move forward with any forgiveness when someone is literally waking up every morning saying, ‘Yeah, I got this. This is– I am in the right?’ That just doesn’t sit well with me.” Doesn’t sit well with us either.

Larsa didn’t just make a stupid decision here. She made a calculated effort to have a moment on camera where she wanted to appear heroic. It was a miserable failure that now has people calling for her to be replaced. Thankfully, after receiving treatment and support, Guerdy is now cancer-free.

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