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Southern Hospitality’s Mia Alario ‘Glad’ She Outed Shep Rose’s Flirting

The demise of Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green’s relationship as a result of his infidelity is still a hot topic in the Bravolebrity sphere. Perhaps no one was surprised with the ageing playboy’s antics, but the question of who he was hitting on at co-star Leva Bonaparte’s club, Republic, remained a mystery.

It’s all coming up again as Taylor is imploding in every sense of the word in Season 9 of Southern Charm. She admitted to hooking up with Austen Kroll and keeping the secret from her best friend, Olivia Flowers. The cast is mocking her behavior at this point, and viewer opinion is no less negative.

But there is one person that feels for Taylor in her current situation. That’s Southern Hospitality star Mia Alario, who stepped forward to reveal that she was the woman Shep was flirting with.

It’s been “easy” for Mia to watch Southern Charm Season 9

Southern Hospitality's Mia Alario
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“Everybody here in Charleston knows the person that he is,” Mia told The Messenger. “It’s predictable for him to try to do that to somebody here.”

The publication caught up with the Southern Hospitality star at a Bravo event for the upcoming season at Republic in Charleston, South Carolina. Mia revealed that she was only surprised in Shep’s lack of discretion.

“I’m surprised he tried to do that to me because I’m the loudest mouth out of anybody here in Charleston. I would be the only person to say something,” she added.

Indeed, Shep had no remorse about how he treated Taylor. And while in an argument during a recent Southern Charm episode, Shep admitted that he “sometimes” enjoyed cheating on his ex-girlfriend of two years.

Mia has been following the season. And while she feels for Taylor, the fellow reality TV star said it’s been “easy” for her to watch Shep acting the fool.

She also claimed to “glad” that she was the “catalyst” for Taylor to finally end things with Shep.

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