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Southern Charm: Austen Kroll Slammed as ‘Insecure Little Boy’ After Taylor Ann Green Hookup Goes Public

On the December 7 episode of Southern Charm, the cast is on vacation in Jamaica. Craig Conover planned the trip so that his friends could spend time with his girlfriend Paige DeSorbo and get to know her better. Sadly, Paige was busy with New York stuff and couldn’t get away.

Even though they were trying to leave the drama at home, the very first morning Olivia Flowers received a text. An online article was attached regarding the alleged hookup between Olivia’s ex, Austen Kroll, and her former BFF Taylor Ann Green.

The resurfacing of Austen and Taylor’s sleepover, which they had denied repeatedly until finally confessing, put a damper on the trip. Fortunately, Craig had planned two separate group trips to local attractions. Austen and Taylor went off with Madison LeCroy to the Ocho Rios Blue Hole. Meanwhile, Olivia, Shep Rose (Taylor’s ex and Austen’s BFF), and the rest of the group went to the waterfall.

No escaping the news

Southern Charm Season 9
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“This is my nightmare right now,” said Austen, referring to the story that just wouldn’t die.

“It’s just upsetting,” added Shep, “and somehow … more real when you read about something, … you already knew about … and you’re trying to quote-unquote ‘heal.’ It just opens the wound.”

“I think they had sex,” Olivia commented.

“You’re not the only one,” Shep responded. Nope, I’m with you there, buddy. I think a good portion of the viewing audience suspects you may be right.

The gossip continued among the two groups during their respective excursions.

“When your face [shows] up on a national thing for being a douche bag,” observed JT Thomas, “you’ve got to make a change.”

At the same time, Austen and Taylor lamented that their hookup had come up again. “I’m pretty sick and tired of feeling like I did things wrong at every turn,” Austen said.

Taylor thought “it was over,” and everyone had finally moved on. Madison advised Austen and Taylor to just confront the issue head-on and tell their friends: “Get over it or don’t.”

Are Austen and Taylor still lying?

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In a FaceTime with Leva Bonaparte, who was home in Charleston, Oliva told her she felt “like an idiot.” Leva believed that Austen and Taylor “hooked up more than one time” and still weren’t being honest about it. She suggested Olivia talk to JT since he’s close to Olivia and might have more details.

So she went inside the restaurant where everyone was already gathered and sat next to JT. “[Leva] seemed to believe you know stuff I’m supposed to know,” Olivia told him. JT said Taylor had admitted there were “multiple sleepovers” at Austen’s.

“I’m exhausted by the whole thing, to be honest,” said Austen from the other side of the table.

“Don’t do dumb sh*t and it won’t have to be talked about!” Olivia snapped. She felt she’d been the most injured party in the situation and still didn’t believe he was telling “the truth.” Olivia believed there was more than just one kiss, which Austen again denied.

Rod then accused Austen of toying with Olivia’s emotions. “I’m not trying to whatsoever,” Austen said.

“That’s a shallow apology,” JT shouted at Austen. “How about a real apology from you to this f*cking table? This has to f*cking end. You are an insecure little boy!”

Olivia added that Austen was “a lying piece of sh*t.”

In tears, Taylor told Shep she couldn’t “physically and emotionally” take any more speculation. In a confessional, Taylor shared, “Everybody’s picked Olivia’s side. Nobody wants to hear me out except for Shep.”

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