(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)

Vicki Gunvalson Thinks She ‘Deserves’ To Be Full-Time on RHOC Season 18

Desperate times call for desperate measures and Vicki Gunvalson might have reached her most desperate hour. Real Housewives of Orange County has survived without Vicki being a full-time cast member for years. Bravo has generously thrown her several bones and offered “friend” roles and slots on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.

But it’s the orange Vicki wants and the orange is what Vicki didn’t get. As contracts for Season 18 have gone out for RHOC, the OG of the OC did not receive an offer. Now she continues her plight for salvation and a return to apparently the only thing she has going on in her life. The Messenger has the details.

She’s not going quietly

At BravoCon this year, Vickster was on the receiving end of Bravo’s Wifetime Achievement Award. This was probably something made up because they already knew Vicki wasn’t coming back and tried to get in front of it by offering her a trophy.

It didn’t work. Also at BravoCon, Vicki issued an ultimatum to the network saying she would return as “full-time or nothing” and would no longer accept “friend” roles. Welp. It seems like that might have been the end of Vicki.

“I deserve full-time,” Vick began. According to whom? While Vicki does have a fan base, an overwhelming majority have not been shy about being okay with her absence. There are only so many times people can see repeated scenes of an older woman screeching and pretending to gag for attention. We’re good.

Here she comes with the whole “I AM the show” narrative. ”I’m not going to be a has-been. I started this whole thing. I’m good TV. I got to teach them how to do it,” Vicki added. Who’s gonna tell her “has been” was about three years ago?

Then, bless her heart, she decided to turn on a dime and suddenly become cool with Bravo’s choices. “I’m good either way,” Sure, Jan. “I’m working on some other projects, and truly, if Real Housewives of Orange County doesn’t want me, I’m a free agent. I am good,” she added.

So that’s it, right? No more pleading from Vicki because she’s “good?” I’ll believe it when I see it.

Real Housewives of Orange County Season 18 will return to Bravo without Vicki in 2024 – but Vicki is okay with it. Allegedly.