Morgan Wade
Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

EXCLUSIVE: Morgan Wade’s Ex Joseph ‘Joe’ Link Works for Mauricio Umansky’s The Agency

I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but the fact that Morgan Wade’s ex-boyfriend Joseph ‘Joe’ Link works for The Agency has me stunned. You know, the company that Mauricio Umansky is the Founder and CEO of? In the words of Baby Gorgeous herself, I’m shaking, I’m physically shaking.

There have been claims of Mauricio and his estranged wife Kyle Richards hyping up their marital problems to drum up promotion for their shows. Others think that they want headlines deflecting away from the lawsuits Mauricio is embroiled in. And of course, there were always those rumors of Mo cheating on his beloved “love bean.” Could it be that they brought Joseph on board to conspire with Morgan and help change the narrative? Surely not…

I wasn’t even convinced that Joseph and ‘Joe’ were the same person. But then I took a look at Morgan’s list of who she’s following on Instagram and, lo and behold, there’s good old Joseph himself. With a completely wiped Insta page, aside from his Agency promotions.

Are Morgan and Joe still secretly together?

After delving into online commentary, it’s clear that a chunk of RHOBH fans think Morgan and Joseph are still secretly dating. They believe the relationship is being hidden, so that the rumored romance between Kyle and Morgan can continue to dominate the headlines.

Despite being private about her love life in the past, Morgan had spoken publicly about her romance with Joe. “This is my wonderful man,” she says in the video above, when the two were a part of the same band, The Stepbrothers. “He broke up with me, so I wrote a song to get him back. It worked, it’s been a few years now … I formed a band to get him back.” That sounds like true love to me!

Of course, I could be barking up the wrong tree entirely. But Morgan working her magic for an ex-flame to work under the man currently separated from her new bestie? Somehow, that seems even more outlandish than this conspiracy itself.