Why Christine Brown’s Wedding Special Is a Must Watch For Sister Wives Fans

Sister Wives' Christine Brown and David Woolley
Photo Credit: David Woolley/Instagram

The elves at the North Pole heard Sister Wives fans’ pleas for a spinoff and were granted a holiday miracle. Christine Brown has been given a two-part wedding special to follow her and now husband, David Woolley, as they prepared for their magical day. During Season 18, not a lot was spoken about Christine’s love interest or engagement. Most of the drama focused on Kody Brown losing all but one of his wives.

The duo first met through a matchmaker online and went public with their romance on Valentine’s Day. The special episodes will show the polygamous princess moving on after years of struggle with Kody, which included not being allowed to eat nachos. Christine has moved on since her divorce, proving over and over that she is happy as a clam. The mother of six hasn’t been afraid to rub Kody’s nose in her success. Most likely, Christine secretly hopes he feels a pain in his kidneys every time he sees her smiling.

Christine Brown’s wedding special is a must-watch if you have been a Sister Wives fan from the start since. It is the wedding of Christine’s dreams that she was never allowed to have because she was a third wife. The two-part special will air on January 7 and 14 at 10 pm ET, and here’s why it shouldn’t be missed.

The Family Supported Christine


In the lead-up to her wedding, which took place in October in Moab, Utah, there were rumors that not everyone was supportive of her marriage to David. Through the grapevine, it was revealed that some of her children may not be the biggest fans of acquiring a stepfather. Paedon Brown once told The Sun that he would “never” support his mother remarrying because he felt she was moving too fast. At the time, Paedon also noted that David was “standoffish.” 

However, the trailer showed that the bulk of the Brown family were extremely supportive. Most of the positive vibes came from Janelle Brown‘s children. Maddie Brush and Hunter Brown both teared up, noting how happy they were that Christine had found a decent man. It’s interesting that the Brown children allowed themselves to be filmed, especially Hunter. It shows they wanted nothing but the best for Christine and to stick it to Robyn Brown.

In the processions, Paedon and Gabe Brown can also be seen walking down the aisle. The trailer even showed Paedon escorting his mother to her new husband. It is safe to say there won’t be a dry eye in the audience. 

David Healed Wounds

Christine Brown/Instagram

Janelle bluntly tells the cameras that it was “nice” to see Christine and David be so affectionate because “it soothes that wound that Kody inflicted.” Janelle knows all too well the crap that Christine was put through by their mutual ex-husband. The patriarch often told his ex-wives that they weren’t attractive and did his best to push them away from any physical interaction. But Christine is clearly healing as she is seen kissing David repeatedly.

Kody Speaks Out

Robyn Brown

You know when someone tries to pretend they are happy, but inside their stomach, the bile is just churning with animosity? That is exactly how Kody comes across as he laments a few words about Christine’s new journey. The father of 18 tells the cameras, “I knew David and Christine were gonna get married. She made these accusations that I had,” but Robyn cut him off before he gets himself into any more trouble, saying, “Aren’t we just so happy for them?” Kody then tried to finish his thought, but the mother of five interjected, “We’re just so happy for them.” Robyn is clearly in damage control now. 

Meri Was off the Guest List

Meri Brown

It isn’t a surprise that a few of the Browns were left off the guest list. Cameras panned to Meri Brown, who dressed perfectly for the interview with a T-shirt that read, “Resting witch face,” as she noted, “Yeah, I know Christine is getting married soon. I don’t know exactly when it is.”

Meri and Christine had a volatile relationship, especially in the early years. It hasn’t helped that a few of Christine’s daughters have claimed they were treated badly by Kody’s first wife when they were younger. I don’t think Meri will be sending a wedding present either.