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Larsa Pippen Blasts Scottie Pippen’s ‘Resentful’ Family During Divorce

I’m not sure why Larsa Pippen is crying over Scottie Pippen’s family but we already know she’ll do anything for camera time. Bless her heart. The Real Housewives of Miami star found herself weeping over her former relatives on the latest episode.

Boy, there’s nothing like a scene with Lisa Hochstein and Larsa. Those two are a real barrel of fun to watch, said no one. I get it, Lisa is going through trying times during her divorce from Lenny Hochstein and Larsa is trying to be relatable. Unfortunately for viewers, it’s become somewhat exhausting.

During the conversation, Lisa admitted feeling like Lenny’s family had turned on her. Larsa apparently went through a similar experience with Scottie’s family once their marriage broke down and shared the details.

The woes of Lisa and Larsa

Surprise, surprise, Lisa is not done talking about Lenny yet. This time she’s noting how Lenny’s family members were over her once the marriage ended. Larsa said it was the same deal with the Pippens.

While Lisa took a breath to fuel up for more complaining, Larsa shared her experience with Scottie. “I feel like the same thing happened to me with my ex, I was best friends with his sister — like, she used to live with us. I just miss being able to call her because she’s there with my kids.” Okay well maybe Scottie’s sister was just being nice because her brother was married?

Larsa even managed to emote during this conversation, probably to the surprise of the crew filming the moment. As she wiped a tear, Lisa said, “No one knows this about you — how sensitive you are.” I’m personally still waiting for Larsa to re-humanize herself and make things with Guerdy Abraira right, but until then she’s trying to cry.

The former Mrs. Pippen added not having Scottie’s family around after their break-up was “hurtful.” “I feel like it is hurtful because, for me, my family never was mean to him — like, my ex. And his family was so resentful toward me.”

Larsa expanded on her feelings. “When I went through my divorce, I never in a million years imagined losing my ex’s whole family. I always assumed it would be cordial and we would talk on holidays or birthdays. But that’s not the case. It’s hard. It’s hard to be like, ‘Oh my god. Now this person hates me because I’m not happy with their family member.’”

Well, at least she has Marcus Jordan – for now. On the bright side, Marcus’ family already resents Larsa so she doesn’t have to go through the ordeal again.

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