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Did Monica Garcia Delete Reality Von Tease Posts About the RHOSLC Women?

Monica Garcia is currently enjoying what will wind up being the moment she made it on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. I know, people are moaning and groaning about how deceitful Monica is but forgetting how others legitimately covered physical violence for a common criminal.

If nothing else, they’re at least on somewhat equal ground. No one is going to win a prize for having the most moral compass on this show – ex-communicated Mormon or not. Now the fanbase is pondering Mon’s motives with Reality Von Tease because the account is still alive and kicking.

The case of the missing posts

realityvontease2 Instagram

I know the big question here is how can Monica return for Season 5 after everything that has gone down with the cast. But the bigger question is, how can she not? After all, Jen Shah filmed and proceeded to outright lie to her family, friends, and viewers before she went to jail. Is now the time to start requiring the cast to have ethics? Would any of the current cast still be around if that were the case?

Is Reality Von Tease that big of a deal? The account went after the RHOSLC ladies, but mainly wanted Jen. Fans are now saying most of the posts about Heather Gay, Lisa Barlow, Meredith Marks, and Whitney Rose were wiped from the account.

Right now only threads about poor jailed Jen are up. One person asked, “Why did you delete all the posts about the other women?? You’re also deleting comments that you don’t like.” Another follower shared, “lol so even 30 seconds scrolling on this I legit see nothing about the other women.”

Bravo did their due diligence (for once) and had screenshots ready to go. One Reality Von Tease post said Whitney is a swinger. It’s nowhere to be found now. There were also Instas shown in the finale episode that are still visible. Including alleged messaging between Jen and another account where Jen was criticizing people’s weight.

Maybe Monica did let her deleting finger do some work and cleaned up the account. In Jen’s case however, it looks like she’ll be enjoying the pleasure of longevity. Both in prison and on Reality Von Tease.

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