Kim Richards and Kyle Richards
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Why Kim Richards Didn’t Know if Sister Kyle Should Attend Her Daughter’s Wedding

Family relationships can be difficult. Just because you share blood doesn’t mean you always see eye-to-eye on everything. Personalities can still clash, even though you love each other.

On Season 13, Episode 10 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kim Richards paid a visit to her sister Kyle Richards. While talking about Kim’s daughter’s upcoming wedding, she and Kyle got into a discussion about their older sister Kathy Hilton.

Kim didn’t want Whitney’s big day disrupted by any unresolved family drama. “I think that what I’m saying is I don’t want anybody coming there that isn’t in a good place with somebody,” Kim elaborated. It was pretty clear she was referring to Kyle and Kathy’s issues.

“I’m not fighting”

Kyle Richards
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Even though Kathy apologized for all that went down in Season 12, Kyle still felt she holds grudges and doesn’t ever take accountability. “When Kathy came to my house that day because of what happened in Aspen,” Kyle said in a confessional, “I really wanted to accept the apology and … move on. But it was the behavior after that really told me she wasn’t really sorry.”

“Obviously I haven’t seen Kathy [except for] at the Elton John Oscar party,” Kyle explained to Kim, “but I would always be polite, always be nice … I’m not fighting.”

“I’m only here because I love you and I love her and I want this to work,” Kim responded. “I miss my family … our lunches … our barbecues. I miss our fun together as a family.”

Kyle’s scared to let Kathy back in

“But what if I don’t want that relationship?” Kyle asked her sister. “I mean, obviously if Kathy did take accountability and reached out to me and was genuine and wanted to repair our relationship, I would 100 percent be open to that. I’m just not willing to be mistreated … I’m scared to let her back in.”

“[But] if you don’t even try, then you just go the rest of your life and never know,” Kim said.

“And I’ll tell you one thing,” Kim continued, getting emotional, “Mom never wanted this kind of stuff. She was all about us sticking together. Friends come and go and people come and go, but family stays. And that was Mom. And I understand her more now than I ever did.”

In the end, both Kyle and Kathy attended Whitney’s wedding, along with their families. And the sisters seemed to have healed their relationship (for now).

At BravoCon, Kyle said of her relationship with Kathy, “We’re great, thank god. You know, we’re really good. We talk every day.”

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