Everything We Know About Summer House Season 8

(Photo credit: Bravo/YouTube)

I already have my Loverboy stocked up for the New Year premiere of Summer House Season 8. Personally, I’m going with Black Cherry Vanilla for the first episode as it is soft and sweet, with a slight tang, which is exactly how I think the season will go, thanks to the breakup between Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke. But I bet you are wondering who’s back? What will go down? When can I watch? Well, my little party animals, all those questions will be answered in due time. Just keep reading below.

Season 7 showed the house in distress. Not only had Carl quit working for his best friend, but Lindsay and Carl were acting like they were Bonnie and Clyde, as if the whole world was against their love affair. However, it turns out that most of the fans were right. Lindsay and Carl’s relationship crashed and burned faster than a pair of extensions that got caught in a candle. Last season was fun and light for the most part, but Season 8 looks like it’ll be a very bumpy ride. 

When Does Summer House Season 8 Premiere?


The gang is back at their Montauk rental starting Thursday, Feb. 22, at 9 pm ET/PT on Bravo. New episodes will also stream the next day on Peacock. Cameras picked back up during the summer of 2023 to catch the troubles between the golden couple. In fact, it was Carl who called production back to catch the breakup chat. The season should cover everything from the Fourth of July all the way to Labor Day. 

Who’s Returning for Summer House 8?

Lindsay Hubbard/Instagram

Carl, Lindsay, Paige DeSorbo, Amanda Batula, Kyle Cooke, Danielle Olivera, Ciara Miller, and Gabby Prescod are set to return to the East Coast shores. Bravo also decided to add two new faces who are single and attractive. Making waves this summer will be Jesse Solomon and West Wilson ( I’m getting Peter Parker/Bruce Banner Marvel vibes from this one.) The group needed a mixup, so seeing what fresh blood will do for the house will be interesting.

Season 7 cast members Samantha Feher, Mya Allen, and Chris Leoni aren’t seen in the trailer or cast photo but will reportedly be featured in part-time roles. During an Instagram post from July, Sam joked that she was “Still giving main character.” Fans just saw Sam visiting Kory Keefer on Winter House, but it’s unclear whether the gym rat will also make an appearance. However, former cast member Andrea Denver has also been spotted hanging out with the cast, so the Italian heartthrob probably will pop up. 

Will Danielle and Lindsay Make Up?

Danielle Olivera/Instagram

One of the viewers’ main questions is whether Danielle and Lindsay’s friendship will be repaired. I can safely report that the two ladies have found their way back to one another. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier for them. Even though Danielle, I think, deserves a better friend, the two have a long history, and it was sad to watch their friendship implode.

Their blowout fight occurred at the end of Season 7 as Lindsay felt her friend wasn’t being very supportive. Thankfully, as Season 8 began filming, both started sharing photos together. In August 2023, Danielle was a guest at Lindsay’s bridal shower. Sadly, she was also a guest on Lindsay’s breakup trip. The trip looked like great fun, but Lindsay was still mending a broken heart. 

What Did the Summer House Trailer Show?


First and foremost, Summer House Season 8 will be showing the demise of Carl and Lindsay’s engagement. And while I don’t relish in others’ sadness, there is something to be said about the drama. The sneak peek showed Carl and Lindsay having “the talk” and the former VP of Sales for Loverboy saying, “I’m not happy, and I don’t think you’re happy. You need that in the relationship, you need to have the power over the other person. You’re really gifted at playing the victim.” 

The trailer also showed Kyle and Amanda at a crossroads as the graphic designer started to realize her opinions weren’t taken seriously. Newbie Jesse is caught flirting hard with Paige the first couple of weekends, which makes everyone in the house uncomfortable. Even though everyone seems to have a lot going on, the season primarily feels it will center around Carl and Lindsay, and I’m okay with that.