Why We’re Excited To See a Sober James Kennedy In VPR Season 11

(Photo by River Callaway/Variety via Getty Images)

Even though James Kennedy was brought on as a fan of the show and boyfriend to Kristen Doute, over the years, the English DJ has given fans a lot to talk about. I mean, he surely has been worth his weight in gold, thanks to the high ratings his antics would produce. Vanderpump Rules Season 7 showed James in a nasty light, which struck a chord with the Bravo personality as he noted he needed a change. But fans were doubtful that they’d ever see a sober James Kennedy.

During Season 7, James was caught fat-shaming his co-star, Katie Maloney, and talking quite rudely to the other ladies of the cast. It was clear alcohol wasn’t his friend, so James made the decision to sober up in order to salvage his career. Sadly, James isn’t the kind of guy who can ever really drink again. As he showed, once he started to feel better, he thought he was healed and in control, but the drink intake always escalated. Once James fully accepts that he can never have a drink again, I think he will be a very different man. 

James Took a Sip

James Kennedy/Instagram

After Seasons 8 and 9, James decided that he was okay to start drinking again for Season 10. There was worry amongst the cast and viewers mainly because no one wanted to see James spiral. While I do love a “Pump-tini” moment, his actions were extremely detrimental. James became known for his bad temper, and it didn’t seem to matter whether he was sober or drunk; his personality would always get a bit dark when he felt cornered.

But despite choosing to get off the wagon, Season 10 showed that James could still provide a quality of humor that Vanderpump Rules so desperately needed. The DJ was able to crack jokes and come up with “poo poo head” and “worm with a mustache.” Fans were happy to see that his alcohol consumption didn’t lead to more frustrations or drama. 

James Is Sober, Again


It turns out that for Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules, James is back on the wagon as his girlfriend, Ally Lewber, shared, “He’s in therapy, he’s sober. I’m really proud of him.” It will be nice to see James get a handle on his unhealthy relationship with alcohol. However, this might be an unpopular opinion, but part of me will miss drunk James. God, he was a mess, and I loved the chaos that he caused around him. However, the sober news is a great development for him personally, which is more important than any reality TV show. For that, I say, bravo!

James and Ally seem to be really settling down, and the astrologer is really showing support for her English beau. With James taking his sobriety seriously once more, this can mean easier communication about the big things that they will one day want to discuss, like marriage. I was worried Ally would end up collateral damage after they started dating so quickly, but James seems to be at his calmest with her. 

Vanderpump Rules Is Changing

James Kennedy/Instagram

Sobriety will look good not only on James but also for the series. Since 2013, Vanderpump Rules has centered around young Hollywood who worked in a bar and drank to oblivion on their off time. At some point, they had to grow up. The mature changes show that James is indeed the number one guy in the group now. Relapse is a part of sobriety, and the new season will now be able to show how James bounces back from that setback. 

James is still no choir boy, and it is hard to forget all the crap he has done in the past, but at least he is making attempts to improve himself, which includes not giving up when he stumbled at the first hurdle. He has found himself in a healthier relationship instead of staying within a toxic one, and he is telling his parents how he feels about them. Compared to the Toms, who fail ever to see the error in their ways, James is turning into a real catch. I never thought I’d say that. James is choosing to end the waves of destruction, and that is commendable, especially for reality TV.