The Most Classless Vanderpump Rules Stars

(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Since 2013, Vanderpump Rules has provided viewers with both classy and trashy individuals. Moving to West Hollywood to make your dreams come true isn’t the easiest, but the group at SUR sure had a knack for making themselves look terrible. Even though the show is a Bravo classic, there were times that were so unforgivable they deserved another moment in the spotlight. These are the most classless Vanderpump Rules stars whose uncouth ways make Lisa Vanderpump shake her head in disgust.

Stassi Schroeder 

Stassi Schroeder/Instagram

There was something about Stassi Schroeder that I just hated. Could it have been her bratty behavior? Yes. Could it have been her mean-girl vibe with Scheana Shay? Yes. Or could it be her controlling personality? If your answer is yes to all the above, we may actually agree on something.

Stassi’s spoiled brat tendencies included bossing others around and demanding utter fealty from her friends. At one point, she even ditched her best friend with a huge bar tab. Stassi’s ability to constantly pretend she likes people when she only wants something from them is definitely not out of the Emily Post etiquette book.

Though her multiple birthday meltdowns and goat cheese ball demands might not exactly qualify her as classless, there was a moment that stood above them all. Stassi and Kristen Doute had thought it would be funny to report Faith Stowers to the police for a crime she did not commit. The two former friends called about an article that was in the Daily Mail about a black woman who was wanted for theft, knowing full well that the woman pictured wasn’t Faith. Talk about classless.

Jax Taylor

Jax Taylor/Instagram

Honestly, what hasn’t Jax Taylor done? Literally everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, he did on Vanderpump Rules, was a major turn-off. From inhaling his protein powder to shitting with the door open, he proved over and over that he might have been raised with wolves. Scratch that; even wolves have social cues.

One major faux pas moment was when the cast took their trip to Hawaii. Jax had made a decent amount of money but decided to swipe a pair of designer sunglasses. Instead of just paying for them like a normal human, Jax resorted to theft, and was apprehended by the authorities. Brittany Cartwright was left to figure out how to bail him out of jail. 

Another prime example of Jax at his worst would have to be when he offered to pay for a specific set of breast implants for his now-wife. The Hooters girl accepted but realized too late just how much control Jax was going to have over the plastic surgery. Jax’s lewd behavior became too much as he went out of his way to share ideas with Brittany, including photos noting they were “his” breasts since he was splashing out the cash. I’m still surprised she married him, honestly. 

Lala Kent

Lala Kent/Instagram

Even though I am a Lala Kent fan now, she made some questionable decisions that pegged her to be a gold digger in the early days. And there is nothing less classy than a woman who is looking to further herself by attaching herself to a man. Lala’s courtship with Randall Emmett was dubious at best, with no one mentioning the timeline. While I don’t believe she broke up a marriage, the whole thing smelled like three-day-old fish, and a classy lady would never have put herself in that scandalous position. 

James Kennedy

James Kennedy/Instagram

James Kennedy was anything but the number one guy in the group during his early days. And he did himself no favors when he had a very toxic relationship with Kristen. While going through their break up, the DJ noted that he “wished more luck” on whoever was going to end up with the model. To add insult to injury, James shared that he thought he would miss his ex-girlfriend but had “actually been thinking more about Lala in the last few days.” James was clearly no knight in shining armor but rather a loser in aluminum.

James’ insecurities turned him into quite the cocky little butthole as he paraded around his scratch and bite marks, and sadly he didn’t just stop at verbally tormenting Kristen. The SUR waitress took issue with how James was speaking to her and warned him about his language. James crossed a major line as he called Kristen a “nasty slut” while storming out of the apartment.

Making sure to really leave his mark, James turned around and spat on the front door. Ew.