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Katie Maloney Spills All on How She Landed a Date With Crispin Glover

The love life of Katie Maloney, both past and present, gets more and more intriguing every day. The Vanderpump Rules star married Tom Schwartz on TV, and then they got a divorce, also on TV. Now, she and her ex are in a weird love triangle with Scheana Shay’s former nanny. It’s a lot, but before Katie was entangled with Schwartzy, she surprisingly landed a date with the actor Crispin Glover.

If you’re below a certain age bracket, you’re probably asking yourself, “Who in the world is Crispin Glover?” He’s the guy from Back to the Future, famous for playing George McFly. Yeah, him. Katie somehow scored a date with him back in 2005. Here’s how it happened.

One night with Crispin

Katie opened up about the unexpected night out with Crispin during a recent episode of her podcast, Disrespectfully. She said she ended up going on a date with the Back to the Future star “for the plot.” That sounds like a cool girl’s way of saying she was bored and had no plans that night.

At the time, Katie worked for the Sundance Film Festival in the gifting suites. Obviously, that gig allowed her to meet a lot of celebrities. At one point, she struck up a conversation with Crispin while one of his movies was playing at the festival.

“He came in, he had a film at the festival that year, and he was really nice,” Katie recalled. “Then he’s like, ‘Well do you have plans later? Do you want to come see the screening of my movie?’ It was the weirdest movie I’ve ever seen.”

Katie explained how at first, she thought she was just getting put on a guest list to see Crispin’s movie. When she got there, she learned that she was his plus one. Surprise!

“I thought he was just going to put me on a list, and I was going to go show up, watch the movie, bounce. Maybe I would see him, I don’t know,” Katie recalled.

“Oh no, I was there to go watch the movie with him,” Katie continued. “I’m sitting next to him watching this movie that I am like ‘what the f—k is happening.’ I can’t react that way; I have to try to follow along. Try to understand what this movie’s about.”

Katie said that after the movie, they went to another location where they could talk more. Going to a secondary location on the first meet-up is always a good sign. Katie said they talked about each other’s lives and connected over tea. However, Katie clarified that the two never hooked up. She also claimed that she couldn’t remember if she gave him her number or not.

These days, Katie is single for the most part. So, maybe she and Crispin can pick up where they left off? Stranger things have happened.

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