Our Predictions For Below Deck Season 11

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Below Deck Season 11 has just started airing, and yet, we can already sense that rough waters lie ahead. Luckily, we have three known faces joining us out at sea this season. While we will miss Captain Lee Rosbach, we are thankful to have Below Deck Adventure’s former lead, Captain Kerry Titheradge. We are also pretty excited to welcome back Fraser Olender and even Ben Willoughby, for now.

Luckily for Fraser, his interior department is solid. I mean, Cat Baugh is slow, but we’ll give her a beat to settle in before making our snap judgements. Even though Cat’s forecast is currently a tad hazy, we have other bets that we actually feel pretty strongly about. Keep reading to see if you agree with our predictions for Below Deck Season 11.

Captain Kerry Titheradge Will Knock It Out of the Park

Below Deck/Instagram

So far, Captain Kerry is doing an excellent job in Captain Lee’s former wheelhouse. He runs a tight ship, as we saw in the first episode. Prior to the guests coming on board, we watched as Captain Kerry checked both the exterior and the interior’s work, dolling out notes as he saw fit. He then sat down in the crew’s mess, sharing a meal with his new team.

We love that he was hands-on, and that he integrated himself so well with his crew. Overall, we predict that Captain Kerry will knock his first season on Bravo‘s flagship Below Deck series out of the park. Or better yet, out of the water.

Jared Woodin Will Get Fired

Below Deck/Instagram

Jared Woodin is the Bosun this season, but he’s not lasting long. He just presents as someone who is in over their head, but we will give him some benefit of the doubt for the error that’s already occurred on his deck, as Ben failed to convey how many shackles Captain Kerry wanted dropped. That said, Jared’s Instagram features zero signs of life on this series. Our sussiest clue on this matter though is that his bio is missing on Bravo’s website.

Jared will be out shortly. This is the one prediction that we will go ahead and stake our lives on.

Ben Willoughby Will Be Promoted to Bosun

Ben Willoughby/Instagram

When not filming for Below Deck, Ben gained experience as a Bosun on other vessels. Now that he’s back for another season on-air, Ben’s already acting annoyed with his new boss, Jared. Yet, if you ask us, Ben failed to relay the shackles information on purpose. Basically, we think that Ben is gunning for Jared’s job.

If you ask us right now, we’d say that Ben is going to get his much-desired promotion. He’ll be the new Bosun after Jared departs.

Ben Willoughby Will Also Be Problematic

Below Deck/Instagram

The trailer for this season adds another element of shadiness to Ben’s showing this year. This lover of the ladies appears to start trouble within Fraser’s team. On this, we heard Fraser saying, “Please don’t get involved in interior drama,” after we saw a clip of Ben sitting down to relay gossip about Cat to another one of Fraser’s stews.

Likewise, we also saw Fraser saying “f*ck you” to Ben in another future scene, which definitely means that this boat is going to be rocking and that our little returning Geico caveman will likely be problematic af.

More Than One Stew Will Get Fired

Boujee Bravo Bitches/Instagram

We had high hopes for Fraser’s interior team this season. And then, we watched Ben pop off on Fraser in the trailer, saying that Fraser’s “had way more people let go.” We already know that the deck team is likely losing Jared. This means that the interior department will need to lose two stews or more to make Ben’s statement accurate.

Out of Cat, Xandi Olivier, and Barbie Pascual, Cat likely leaves first. Out of the two who remain, we predict that Barbie will be walking the plank next, as the trailers have shown that she and Fraser will be butting heads fairly often.

Chef Anthony Iracane Will (Hopefully) Pull It Together

Chef Anthony Iracane/Instagram

Chef Anthony Iracane put out some beautiful plates. Can we talk about that Lobster Pad Thai? The problem is that he had zero help in the galley, and that, combined with his lack of experience working on yachts, meant that his timing during the first charter was completely off. Can we please get a stew or a deckie down there to help this man wash his dishes, or even to help him prep, as we’ve seen on other Below Deck seasons?

Since we know Anthony has the talent required, we predict that if he can get his timing corrected quickly, he will (hopefully) be able to make it through an entire season onboard.

Fraser Olender Will Bring the Needed Commentary

Fraser Olender/Instagram

Fraser reminds us of Kate Chastain, in so many ways. This makes him the perfect replacement for Kate. Seriously, his wit and snark throughout each charter makes this series so fun to watch. Just like Kate, he says what we all are (mostly) thinking at home. We predict that once again, Fraser’s running commentary will bring the needed laughs throughout each dramatic encounter this season on Below Deck.

He’s also so cute, but if anyone shows this to my husband, then nope, I didn’t write this.