Below Deck Seasons With the Best Crew Teamwork

Below Deck Season 4
Virginia Sherwood/Getty Images

Below Deck and its various spin-offs have seen many different crews throughout the seasons, although some worked more efficiently together than others. While some seasons have featured great interior crews and less likable deck crews, others have been the opposite. It only takes one bad crew member to ruin a team, which is something the Below Deck franchise has seen no shortage of.

These Below Deck crews, on the other hand, showcased excellent teamwork throughout the entire season and worked well together as a team. During these seasons, the interior and exterior teams worked efficiently together to give charter guests the best yachting experience possible.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2


Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2 was not only one of the spin-off’s best seasons but also featured some of the best teamwork ever witnessed on Below Deck. After a dull first season, Sailing Yacht returned with an entirely new cast, apart from Captain Glenn Shephard.

Sailing Yacht Season 2 was when viewers were first introduced to Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher, who maintained a great relationship with 2nd and 3rd Stews Dani Soares and Alli Dore. The three women were arguably one of the best interior crews Below Deck has ever seen, and worked efficiently together all season to give charter guests the best possible experience.

Colin MacRae and Gary King also made their debut on Season 2, long before their infamous love triangle with Daisy. Back then, the three were actually good friends and managed to work well together without any awkward drama in the middle. Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux was also a key team player and made a great Deckhand, who of course worked well with his love interest Alli.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4


When it comes to yacht-wide teamwork, Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4 is another season that comes out on top. Captain Sandy Yawn of course led the entire team, and surprisingly worked well with a lot of the season’s crew members. Season 4 featured another great interior team, led by Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier along with 2nd and 3rd Stews Aesha Scott and Anastasia Surmava.

Anastasia was the biggest team player on Season 4, after she stepped in as Chef after Mila Kolomeitseva failed to do the job. While Anastasia did not have culinary training, she nonetheless did a great job as Chef and did not let the pressure from Captain Sandy bother her.

Aesha was also involved in a boatmance with Deckhand Jack Stirrup, which prompted them to work well together also. While Aesha and Jack were likable as a couple, they were also both great team players on their own. Jack was a fan favorite, and of course a valuable asset to the exterior team.

The exterior team also worked effectively together, with Bosun João Franco and Deckhand Colin Macy-O’Toole being stand-out personalities this season. Both the interior and exterior teams took their jobs extremely seriously this season and worked well together to have a great charter season.

Below Deck Season 4


Finally, while Below Deck Season 4 certainly featured some chaotic moments, it ultimately demonstrated great teamwork as well. Captain Lee Rosbach led the team with his sassy and dramatic ways, but was likable nonetheless. Kate Chastain served as Chief Stew this season, with arguably the best interior team in Below Deck history. 2nd and 3rd Stews Emily Warburton-Adams and Sierra Storm worked extremely hard all season.

Kelley Johnson did an excellent job as Bosun this season, and Ben Robinson also worked hard to pull his weight as Chef. While Deckhand Trevor Walker threatened to hurt the team at the beginning of the season, things returned to normal after he was fired by Captain Lee. While the work of the interior team is really what made the teamwork on Season 4 stand out, the exterior team deserves some credit as well.

When it comes to the Below Deck franchise, teamwork is absolutely key. Below Deck yacht charters are unlike anything else, and require the highest amount of dedication and teamwork to be accomplished successfully. These three yacht teams truly brought their best, even if their seasons may have had a tiny bit of drama!