The Most Dramatic Below Deck Love Triangles

Colin Macy-O'Toole, Joao Franco, Kasey Cohen
(Photo by: Zev Schmitz/Bravo via Getty Images)

Each season, the Below Deck cast becomes intertwined rather quickly. Onboard, small cabins exist, fitting anywhere from two to four crew members a piece. This lack of privacy, mixed with stressed personalities looking to blow off stem, often see’s the formations of “boatmances.”

However, more than one connection is sometimes formed, leading to love triangles that can become rather sticky.

While the phrase “don’t screw the crew” should be the golden rule, one can’t help but admit that these messy relationships generally make for great television.

Keeping that in mind, here are the most dramatic Below Deck love triangles formed thus far.

Below Deck Mediterranean: Wes, Malia, and Adam

Malia White/Instagram

During Below Deck Mediterranean‘s Season 2, a green deckhand named Malia White found herself in the midst of a heated love triangle. As this season aired, Malia was seen taking an interest in Chef Adam Glick and her boss, Bosun Wesley Walton.

Adam harbored feelings for Malia right off the bat. Therefore, when Malia began to connect with both Adam and Wes, Adam grew upset. Unbeknownst to all, this particular love triangle included a fling prior to the start of filming.

While the Sirocco motor yacht crew unwound at a restaurant in between charters, Adam struck. Here, Adam confronted a visibly horrified Malia while the remainder of their crew sat in shock.

During this confrontation, it was revealed that Malia and Adam met at a yacht certification course in Florida. While taking this course, the pair felt chemistry. Malia even divulged (later) that they had kissed. However, when they were each then cast on Below Deck Mediterranean, Malia and Adam agreed to hide this connection.

Indeed, when Season 2 premiered, Adam and Malia introduced themselves, playing their roles as strangers perfectly.

After Wes learned of Adam and Malia’s prior connection, things grew tense. Malia and Adam got into a heated conversation, resulting in Malia’s decision to go all in with Wes. Malia and Wes went on to date for the rest of the season, continuing on for some time after their departure.

As for Adam and Malia, the pair thankfully found peace post filming. “We’re both now pretty chill about it. Like, it happened, we’re over it. We can hang around,” Malia shared.

Below Deck Mediterranean: Brooke, João and Kasey


On Below Deck Mediterranean, a second love triangle formed during Season 3. Deckhand João Franco himself torn between Brooke Laughton and Kasey Cohen. These two Stewardess’ fancied João in return.

At first, João and Kasey’s connection appeared to be the strongest. The two shared intimate moments as a disheartened Brooke watched from a distance. Then, a shift began to take place, as João started to cozy up with Brooke.

This love triangle imploded when Brooke asked João to make a decision. João chose “Grandma Brooke,” a label given by Kasey, as Brooke’s bathing suit(s) leaned to the modest. Wildly, this triangle went on post filming, as it was revealed during the reunion that João still harbored feelings for Kasey.

Needless to say, this Below Deck love triangle did not produce any lasting relationship(s).

Below Deck (Original): Camille, Ben, and Leigh-Ann

Ben Willoughby/Instagram

Putting a twist on the classic love triangle, the women found within this Below Deck entanglement never even crossed paths.

In Season 10, Deck/Stew Camille Lamb and Deckhand Ben Willoughby felt an instant attraction. However, their time together was cut short, as Camille was fired. In a twist of (television gold) fate, Leigh-Ann Smith stepped onboard. Ben and Leigh-Ann had matched on Tinder roughly a year earlier.

Though Leigh-Ann and Ben had chemistry, even spending a night together in a guest cabin, Ben ultimately chose Camille. Post filming, Camille and Ben reconnected for a bit, but it was short lived.

But wait. There’s more.

Following his break-up with Camille, Ben reached out to Leigh-Ann. The duo rented an apartment together in Miami. Then, Ben received a job offer and left. Luckily, Leigh-Ann has since found her match.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Ashley, Gary, and Gabriela

Below Deck Bravo/Instagram

Over on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, First Engineer Gary King found himself town between Season 3’s Ashley Marti and Gabriela Barragán. Therefore, Ashley asked Gary to make a decision. Unfortunately for her, Gabriela shared a bed with Gary bed that same night.

However, citing mental health reasons. (with this love triangle playing a large factor), Gabriella chose to exit the season early. At this point, Ashley jumped right back into Gary’s arms.

This still doesn’t end in a love story. After a drunken hook-up with Ashley, Gary began ogling Gabriela’s replacement, Scarlett Bentley, in addition to the Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher.

Reign it in, Gary.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Gary, Daisy, and Colin

Colin Macrae/Instagram

Since Gary and Daisy are currently staple cast members of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, their return for Season 4 came as no surprise. Also on this continuing crew list is Chief Engineer Colin Macrea. This is Colin’s first season as a single man.

Continuing on with their flirtations, Gary and Daisy have appeared very cozy together. However, Daisy has confessed that Gary’s wandering eye stops her from pursing him as anything serious.

Enter in Colin.

Daisy and Colin’s relationship began to heat up just a few episodes in, though Gary claimed that Daisy is just moving on out of spite. Currently airing, Colin’s frustrations with Daisy and Gary’s still seen flirtations is apparent. This week alone, Colin asked Daisy to make it clear with Gary that she is moving on. On this, Daisy casually said that Gary is aware.

Gary does not seem to care. In addition to flirting with Daisy, he’s already hooking-up with Stewardess Mads Herrera. Unfortunately for Gary, this quest has created another Below Deck love triangle, as Mads recently kissed deckhand Alex Propson.

Only time will tell how this final love triangle-turned pentagon plays out.