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Monica Garcia Open To Publishing Burn Book After RHOSLC Firing

Now that Monica Garcia is no longer part of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast, she’s looking for work. And she might be hoping her next gig is as an author!

The reality star was ousted from her group of Park City friends during the Season 4 finale after Heather Gay exposed her as the person behind the troll account Reality Von Tease — slamming her with receipts and all. After the explosive finale, Monica appeared at the reunion, bringing receipts of her own inside a Burn Book; however, after crossing these ladies since 2021, none of them were open to hearing it. 

Once the season wrapped, Monica got the call that despite her stellar performance, she wouldn’t return for another — likely since none of the ladies besides Mary Cosby would film with her. So, what’s she’s hoping to do now that she has free time? Read on to find out. 

Will Monica write a book after RHOSLC? 

Photo by: Jocelyn Prescod/Bravo

During the three-part RHOSLC reunion, Monica brought out her homemade Burn Book. The creation included images, screenshots, and receipts that she says were supposed to tell a story. But according to the mother of four, her explanation didn’t make the final cut. 

“It was actually really frustrating. That burn book did not get enough attention, but maybe I should be thanking them,” Monica told Pride. “Maybe I should just legit post it. There’s so much in there that makes sense and bridges gaps and stories.” 

“There’s a lot that adds to the whole situation that no one got to see. Everyone’s saying it was a fail, and it was, but there was a lot of stuff that didn’t make it on air, and everybody needs to keep that in mind.” 

When the idea of Monica potentially securing a publishing deal to make her Burn Book widely available to the fans came up, she joked that she could be the next Real Housewives star to become a bestseller. 

“I feel like I could be the next New York Times bestseller. I think you can buy your way on that list… I’m just saying.” 

Heather’s memoir, Bad Mormon, was released in 2023 and became an instant NYT bestseller. So, it’s likely Monica’s comments are laced with a little shade. However, she played it off when asked if it was about anyone in particular.  

“I’m just saying! I know you can,” she finished. 

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