Nelson Thomas laying in a hospital bed with no shirt on
Photo Credit: Nelson Thomas via Instagram

The Challenge’s Nelson Thomas to Have Foot Amputated After Car Accident

Nearly a year after surviving a horrific car crash, Nelson Thomas has made the difficult decision to have his foot amputated. The Challenge star shared the news via Instagram, where he has been documenting his recovery since the accident. In a recent post, he opened up about why he’s made this decision. He also revealed the significance behind the date he’s having his surgery.

Nelson’s road to recovery

On March 5, 2023, Nelson was involved in a serious car accident in Austin, Texas. While driving under the influence, he crashed his Audi into a bridge. The car burst into flames, and Good Samaritans rescued him. He sustained a serious ankle injury in the crash.

In the year since the accident, Nelly has documented his recovery on social media. Last September, he shared that his ankle had re-fractured and wasn’t healing. Now, he and his doctor concluded that amputating it would be the best decision, and they’ve scheduled the surgery on the first anniversary of the crash.

“March 5, 2023 remains vivid in my memory, a persistent presence in my thoughts,” Nelson wrote on Instagram. “I consciously embrace it as the initiation of a new chapter. Opting for amputation, I am determined to own March 5 and redefine its significance in my life.”

In the post, Nelly shared a recording of a conversation he had with his doctor along with some graphic photos of his recovery process. They talked about the research that went into the decision to amputate and the lengthy journey it took to come to this conclusion. Nelson explained how he sought input from multiple doctors. He even attempted a stem cell treatment in Mexico. At this point, he’s ready to close this chapter.

“I have to ask myself what kind of life I want to live and the quality of life I want to live,” Nelson explained. “I think I’m at peace with it and it’s time.”

Surrounded with support

Under Nelly’s post, a ton of his comrades from The Challenge showered him with love and encouraging words. Everyone from Johnny Bananas to Leroy Garrett left words of support. It goes to show just how much love exists in that corner of reality TV.

“Just remember you’ve got so many people supporting you through this journey,” Bananas wrote. “The comeback is always better than the setback.”

The Challenge OG Mark Long added, “My brother, you will rise from this setback….I have no doubt.”

Like Mark said, there’s no doubt that Nelson will come out on the other side triumphant. We know he will continue to use his platform to shine a spotlight on folks living with disabilities. In the meantime, make sure to send him all of the good wishes on March 5th when he undergoes his operation.