Below Deck’s Barbie Pascual Is Already Annoying Fans, Here’s Why

Barbie Pascual
(Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

Hi Barbie! Below Deck is back for a new season and has their own version of the doll in Barbie Pascual. However, the new stew has already rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way. She’s a rich girl who is working to buy herself treats. Spare me the hard-knock life story.

Barbie is about to get a lesson in modesty, as I can almost guarantee she won’t be a fan favorite this year. The new crew feels as if they are here for the cameras and not the work experience. I’m trying not to pass any harsh judgments as of yet, but Barbie is just not giving me the warm and fuzzies. 

Barbie Is Accurately Named

Barbie Pascual/Instagram

After being introduced to Barbie, it kind of feels like she should be one of the guests, not a yachtie. The Buenos Aires, Argentina native is a self-proclaimed “daddy’s girl” and she doesn’t seem too bothered by it. Honestly, she lost me when she noted during the premiere that she “grew up with three nannies: One would cook, one would clean, and one would do my hair.”

Barbie is fluent in multiple languages and has had the privilege to travel all around the world on her father’s dime, of course. But I just don’t see how she fits into a six-week working charter season. The math isn’t mathing. 

Like the plastic Mattel doll, Barbie shared in a confessional that “My eyebrows are tattooed. My eyelashes are fake as hell, and so are my extensions. But I’m real as fu*k.” Yet in the preview clip for the season, we see Fraser Olender call her a “bit*h.” I have my guess that she may be the stew we see quit in the premiere. I mean, surely it is easier to just sit at home and relax, right?

So, unlike the plastic Mattel doll, I don’t think Barbie will be lucky when it comes to making lifelong friends. I feel like the rest of the crew might want to bite her toes off; at least, this is what I did when one of my Barbies lost favor. 

Barbie is Giving Mean Girl Vibes

Barbie Pascual/Instagram

Literally, before stepping onto the yacht, Barbie was already complaining about how there was no deckhand to help her with her bags. Barbie is a typical Virgo who is in love with their own reflection. Most Virgos are naturally elegant, fascinated by fashion, and compelled to make outfits match. As fans have already seen, Barbie loves to mess around in the mirror, and she definitely appreciates her appearance. Narcissus would have a run for his money if he hadn’t already drowned in a pool while looking at his own reflection. 

I don’t like how Barbie feels she is the one in charge. I would think she would know how to be more helpful than a hindrance. Personally, I am already exhausted by Barbie, who made the third stew, Cat Baugh, cry.

Episode one showed Barbie really taking control even though Fraser made it clear no one had their stripes yet. It seems Barbie has a bit of a bossy streak as she ordered Cat all over the boat, which resulted in the blonde becoming overstimulated and needing a nap after a cry to the chief stew. We need stews named Ethel and Gertrude. Just saying then we wouldn’t have these types of problems. 

Barbie Could Redeem Herself

Barbie Pascual/Instagram

I don’t want to sound like an uncultured writer, but how hard is it to really set up a table in an eye-catching way? When not spending her father’s cash or getting her highlights, Barbie is the owner of Beyond the Table By Barbie, a decor company she launched in June 2023. According to the company’s Instagram bio, Barbie is an expert in her field has has decorated for multiple occasions, including “yachts, parties, events, dinners, and more.” I’ll give it to her, the pictures are pretty but really, how hard is it to set a tablescape? Anyone? 

I don’t doubt that Barbie will work hard for her Cartier bracelet and Chanel bag. I just wish we were seeing Barbie in a guest capacity still because I think fans would like her. However, as a stew, I just know we are going to hate her every time she is on camera.