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Derek Hough in ‘Awe’ of Hayley Erbert Amid Recovery From Craniectomy

Dancing with the Stars judge Derek Hough and his wife, Hayley Erbert, were thrust into a frightening medical emergency. She went to the hospital on December 7, 2023, because she became disoriented after a performance of the Spectacular Symphony of Dance Tour. Derek stated that Hayley “was diagnosed with a cranial hematoma from a burst blood vessel and required an emergency craniectomy.”

According to The Cleveland Clinic, a craniectomy is a type of brain surgery during which a piece of the patient’s skull is removed. The goal is to relieve pressure on the patient’s brain. Hayley also underwent a second surgery to replace a portion of her skull.

The couple has kept followers up to date with Hayley’s progress. In February 2024, Hayley shared some insight into her recovery. “To this day, I still have really good days and I have really bad days — emotionally and physically sometimes — but I’m doing so much better every single day,” Hayley said. “Truly there is so much progress every day and I’m so grateful for that.” She also thanked everyone for their prayers and support.

Derek admires his wife and her strength

Derek spoke with Entertainment Tonight about Hayley while he walked the red carpet for Jennifer Lopez’s premiere of This Is Me…Now: A Love Story. Derek appeared in the cinematic feature as one of J Lo’s husbands.

“She’s unbelievable. When I married her, I knew she was strong, but I really didn’t realize how strong she really was until now,” Derek said of Hayley. “I’m just, I really am in awe of her every day. She’s incredible.” He added, “She really is a miracle and I don’t really throw that word around lightly, but she really is.”

Hayley’s medical emergency occurred just months after the duo tied the knot. “It’s been a crazy time, but I tell you what, it’s been an amazing and beautiful time,” Derek said, “because all the little wins, the triumphs, it’s just incredible. She’s amazing.”

The Reality Tea Team continues to send our best wishes to Hayley during her recovery.