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Kim Zolciak’s Divorce Lawyer Demands Five-Figure Alleged Unpaid Fees

New year, same problems for Kim Zolciak. But if you ask her, she would say everything is great because her McMansion might be in Georgia but her mind is in the Land of Delulu. Perhaps her reluctance to live in reality is due to being incredibly broke.

Kimbo owes credit card companies, banks, her home is up for sale with an over-inflated price, and she has no job. She’s also in the middle of a divorce with Kroy Biermann. Obviously someone has to litigate the divorce for Kim – that would be her attorney, and she isn’t paying him either. Now the lawyer wants his money and things just got worse for Kim. Radar has the scoop.

Kim is undefeated in being her own worst enemy

I don’t know what kind of magical powers Kimbo and Kroy have over the state of Georgia, but the fact that they are both still living together in a home they don’t pay for is … weird. If this were me or you, our kids would be somewhere else and Motel 6 would have one less vacancy.

In any case, Kim’s all blues and no clues. Now the attorney in charge of her marriage termination has become one of her creditors. Just like Kroy’s lawyer, who also isn’t being paid, attorney David Beaudry filed a lien against the Don’t Be Tardy alum according to new legal docs.

Kim still has a lawyer, somehow …

After taking his life and salary into his own hands and working for Kim, David filed an Attorney’s Notice of Fee Lien in the Fulton County Superior Court of Georgia earlier this month. Kimbo owes Meriwether & Tharp, LLC over $33k in unpaid fees for services rendered regarding the divorce.

Because David hasn’t fired Kim as a client, which would seem appropriate, the fees will only go up. He said the amount owed is “expected to increase, plus interest thereon as provided by law and contract for services between.” Also, good luck with that, sir.

Obviously Kimbo has no money so the lien will go on the McMansion and pretty much everyone is hoping to collect their dues once it sells. This property, which will need to be fully sanitized and cleansed of unholy spirits upon purchase, was put on the market for $6 million in October 2023. Its current price is $4.5 million.

I’m guessing the sale of Kashmere didn’t put a dent in many of her bills. Now it’s all up to the poor McMansion.