Everything We Know About the RHOM Season 6 Reunion

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After a much-discussed season, the Real Housewives of Miami are starting to tease the upcoming reunion. From Guerdy Abraira‘s cancer journey to Lisa Hochstein‘s endless divorce saga to the Mexico City gondola ride from hell, there’s certainly a lot of ground to cover. Miami is one of the most compelling Real Housewives series airing, so we’re hyped for the reunion already. Here’s everything we know so far about the RHOM Season 6 reunion.

RHOM Season 6 Reunion Watch Details

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Hosted, as always, by Andy Cohen, the RHOM reunion will air in two parts. Unlike some other Real Housewives reunions, fans won’t have to wait a week in between. Instead, they’ll air on back-to-back nights. Part 1 airs on Bravo on February 28th, and Part 2 on February 29th. Both will be available to stream the next day on Peacock.

RHOM Season 6 Reunion Seating Chart


Bravo released the RHOM Season 6 reunion seating chart last month. Dr. Nicole Martin got her wish not to sit too close to Andy. Naturally, Larsa Pippen and Guerdy got the first chairs. Guredy was surprisingly not mentioned much in the reunion episode descriptions. But considering how much viewers wept watching her cancer battle, and how much support she and her family received, we have to imagine she’ll get some spotlight. Giving Guerdy first chair on the seating chart also indicates that.

The RHOM Ladies Nailed Their Reunion Looks

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The Miami ladies put other Real Housewives cities to shame with their reunion looks this year. Everyone looks absolutely stunning, I can’t pick just one as the best dressed (though I’m leaning towards Kiki Barth). The RHOM cast all dressed like they were actually going to the same event, a rarity with Real Housewives reunion looks. Other cities’ Housewives, take some notes!

Alexia and Larsa Are At War

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In the reunion episode descriptions, it’s clear that one feud will take center stage—the one between Larsa and Alexia Nepola. The two ladies have come to blows this season over Larsa’s Tequila brand. As for the reunion episodes, the descriptions tease everything from drug use allegations to fights backstage. We have to imagine those “I don’t have a Todd” comments will come up at some point.

Alexia isn’t the only one to come for Larsa. Kiki is also set to confront Scottie Pippen’s ex about the way she’s acted since entering a controversial relationship with Marcus Jordan.

Marcus Jordan Has A Major Freak Out

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Whatever Kiki says about Larsa’s relationship with Marcus, it may have set him off. Reportedly, Michael Jordan’s son threw a tantrum backstage at the reunion taping, and didn’t mince words about Larsa’s co-stars. Julia Lemigova teased this blow up, telling Dorinda Medley that Marcus said some horrible things. Julia added that her opinion of Marcus, who she thought was a nice guy, changed post-reunion. But his comments apparently weren’t bad enough to scare away Adriana de Moura, who admitted she’d date Marcus.

It’s unclear if this reported outburst had any part in Marcus and Larsa’s split…that is, if they even split at all. Nevertheless, both Adriana and Julia said they weren’t shocked by the break up news.

Lisa Is Angry About The Lack Of Sympathy


Oh, Lisa, why is it so hard to root for you? The sympathy from her messy divorce has dissipated throughout the season. Viewers, and her RHOM co-stars, had enough of Lisa’s self-absorbed attitude. At the reunion, she’s set to make the very ill-advised choice to confront the other ladies about their lack of empathy. Considering Lisa’s own lack of empathy for her co-stars, I have a feeling that’s gonna blow up in her face.

Dr. Nicole Opens Up About Her Dad

Nicole Martin in the RHOM S6 midseason trailer
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This season saw Nicole mend her relationship with her dad, Mike. Sadly, since the season wrapped filming, Nicole’s father passed away. At the reunion, she’s set to open up about their relationship and her grief.

Adriana Wrote A Poem For Alexia

Adriana de Moura
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Adriana will show off her creative writing skills for the second reunion in a row. After THAT letter in Season 5, Adriana showed up to the Season 6 reunion with a poem for Alexia. Never change, Adriana.