Why Love Is Blind Season 5 Was the Absolute WORST

Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind Season 5 has finally wrapped up, with and thankfully so. While many fans had high hopes for Season 5, it arguably became the worst season in Love Is Blind history. There were a lot of things that made this season frustrating, so here’s a breakdown.

Taylor and JP’s Storyline Was Insufferable

Love Is Blind

Taylor Rue and Jared ” JP” Pierce were the most frustrating couple to watch. After forming a connection in the pods, Taylor and JP were the first couple to get engaged. However, after they arrived in Mexico alongside the two other engaged couples, Taylor realized their dynamic was off. She was forced to carry every conversation, and JP did not seem as interested in her as before.

Ultimately, JP revealed the shocking reason why he felt so distant from Taylor outside of the pods. JP was unhappy that Taylor had worn make-up during their reveal, which made him feel like she was “fake.” Taylor was understandably angry at this, and later decided to break up with JP. While Taylor was likable on her own, JP’s ignorant attitude made their segments almost impossible to get through.

Only Two Couples Made It To the Altar


In a Love Is Blind first, only two of the couples actually made it to the altar. The first couple was Izzy Zapata and Stacy Snyder, followed by Lydia Velez Gonzalez and Milton Johnson. Typically, at least four or five couples make it to the big day, which is the most exciting part of the season.

It was annoying to only have two couples to root for, when neither of them were super likable in the first place. Stacy quickly came off as privileged and judged Izzy when she realized that he was not as wealthy as she would like. Lydia and Milton were not much better, as the majority of their story revolved around Lydia’s drama with Uche Okoroha.

Only One Got Married

Lydia and Milton, Love Is Blind

It was a shock to fans when Lydia and Milton both said I do, as many did not expect either couple to actually get married. While it is nice that this season was not a complete failure, Lydia and Milton did not seem ready to get married. Lydia had concerns about Milton’s young age, and he felt worried about her prior relationship with Uche.

On the other hand, it was a relief to see Stacy and Izzy not get married. While Izzy started the season off on the wrong note, he really seemed to love and care for Stacy. Stacy, however, was only focused on money and not who Izzy was as a person. It’s good that Izzy dodged a bullet, but it’s annoying that he was put in such a situation after love was supposed to be “blind.”

Typically, at least two or three couples get married which makes the show worth it. Only seeing one couple make it puts a damper on the season, and makes fans question whether or not the experiment really works.

Uche and Aaliyah’s Story Felt Unfinished


Uche’s story with Aaliyah Cosby was another frustrating plot, that just felt kind of pointless. Aaliyah fell hard for Uche in the pods, but her feelings became complicated when she learned of Lydia’s past with him. Aaliyah ultimately decided to leave, which resulted in Uche requesting to meet her face to face once they returned to Houston.

At their initial meeting, Uche still seemed angry with Aaliyah and told her that things were over between them. Later on, Uche made an appearance at the group mixer, while Aaliyah was nowhere to be found. However, Uche later confirmed that he and Aaliyah agreed to date outside of the show. While it is nice that they were able to figure things out, it makes their storyline on the show feel like a waste of time.

Chris and Johnie Should’ve Gotten More Screen Time


Christopher “Chris” Fox and Johnie Maraist were arguably the only likable couple, but they barely had screen time. After their connection in the pods fell through, the two met in a moment of fate at the airport, and have been together since.

The new couple revealed their status at the mixer with the others, but apart from that they did not have many scenes together. It would have been nice to see a little bit more of them, since they were the only bearable ones.