Oh My Pod! Bombshell Moments From Love Is Blind Season 5’s First Episodes

Love is Blind

Love Is Blind is one Netflix’s most captivating reality shows, and Season 5 is already bringing it! The first four episodes were released on Friday and left viewers eagerly awaiting the rest of the season’s arrival.

While Love Is Blind is always dramatic, the chaos on Season 5 is truly next level. Between a former flame, a fake best friend, and lots of love triangles, here are all of the bombshell moments from the first four episodes,

Uche Revealed He Dated Lydia Before the Show

Uche Okoroha/Instagram

The biggest bombshell from the first few episodes was Uche Okohora‘s confession that he previously dated Lydia Velez Gonzalez. Lydia was one of the first contestants introduced. She quickly found herself in a love triangle between Milton Johnson and Izzy Zapata. Uche, on the other hand, focused solely on Aaliyah Cosby in the pods.

At the end of Episode 3, Uche told Aaliyah that he had to tell her something important. He admitted that he had dated Lydia in the past, and that she recognized him when she heard his voice in the pods on the first day. Aaliyah was shocked, as Lydia was her best friend in the women’s living quarters and knew that she was involved with Uche.

The scene then cut to a flashback, showing the moment when Lydia recognized Uche in the pods. It took Uche a while to recognize Lydia’s voice, and he didn’t sound very happy to see her. Lydia suggested that the two start from zero, but Uche shut down the idea. He argued it would ruin the point of the experiment.

This did not fare well for Uche, who learned Aaliyah decided not to continue with the experiment right before he planned to propose to her. Luckily, Aaliyah is shown returning in the trailer for the rest of the season, so things between her and Uche are not finished just yet!

Johnie Chose Izzy Over Chris In a Surprising Twist

Johnie Maraist/Instagram

Johnie Maraist quickly became a key player, when she found herself intertwined in a love triangle between Izzy and Christopher “Chris” Fox. Chris was immediately smitten with Johnie, who returned the feeling initially. However, after a few conversations with Izzy, Johnie found herself struggling to decide between the two men.

Many viewers hoped that Johnie would choose Chris. He seemed to be the more stable option as he had no other prospects, unlike Izzy. Johnie admitted that while Chris was definitely the safer pick, the relationship felt a bit boring to her. She ultimately ended things with Chris to be with Izzy, who she felt was more exciting.

It didn’t take long for Izzy to turn around and end things with Johnie, which was easy to see coming. Izzy was clearly infatuated with Stacy Snyder, and it was evident from early on that they would end up together. This left Johnie heartbroken and led her to ask Chris if he would be willing to talk to her again.

Chris Then Pulled a Reverse Uno Card on Johnie

Chris Fox/Instagram

When Johnie went back to Chris, viewers were almost certain that he would give her another chance. After all, he had been extremely heartbroken the day before when she dumped him. Things went well during their first conversation after the break up. However, Chris told Johnie he needed some time to think. He then came back with news that surprised almost everyone.

Chris told Johnie that he “needed to be selfish,” which meant not giving things with her a second chance. Johnie was left in tears, although you can only feel so bad for her since she let Chris go first. However, Chris and Johnie were both shown in the season trailer, so things between them may not be over yet.

Milton and Lydia Got Engaged?

(Milton Johnson/Instagram)

The first four episodes only featured three engagements, and while we saw two of them coming, we did not anticipate this one. The first couple to get engaged was Taylor Rue and Jared “JP” Pierce, and while they seemed very compatible, they were just a tad boring. The next couple was Izzy and Stacy, which viewers were not surprised by either.

However, no one really expected Lydia and Milton to get engaged. By Episode 4, Milton seemed to have lost all interest in Lydia, after she told him about her past with Uche. Apart from the drama, Milton confided in some of the guys that he did not feel ready for an engagement yet, since he was only 24. Nonetheless, Milton proposed to Lydia, which she happily accepted.