Photo by: Felix Kunze/Bravo via Getty Images

Summer House Cast Teases ‘Fun’ Season 8 With a ‘Few Scars’

Wow, it’s a sketchy week to be a reality television star, but at least we have a new season of Summer House to look forward to. Hopefully, none of the cast will go off on a media tangent and eviscerate their entire career.

Season 8 of Summer House is coming in hot and the timing is immaculate. While Vanderpump Rules is starting off as an Ambien substitute and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills managed to irritate viewers, it’s with fervent hope the Summer House gang can whip Bravo viewership back into place. The cast spoke with Us Weekly about what we can expect.

Save us, Summer House!

Summer House fans are ready and raring to go, also pretty eager to see what happened between Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard. While their happily ever after turned into happily ever never, Linds says that wasn’t the only drama in the house.

Despite her entire life changing when Carl dumped her, Lindsay said, “I really don’t think I would change anything.” She added, “I truly believe that the universe maneuvers in mysterious ways, even if you can’t see it in the moment. And as cliché as it is, everything happens the way it’s supposed to work out.”

Because Lindsay was busy dealing with being ditched by her man, she was able to be nice to other people this season! She and Ciara Miller are back in each other’s good graces, for now. “[We] really connected this season. And I think it will be fun for viewers to see our friendship develop and grow,” Linds noted.

Paige DeSorbo shared the relationship drama was pretty much front and center. “I think a lot of the romance or lack thereof. … You’ll have to wait and see who I’m talking about!” Kyle Cooke offered, “I just feel like everybody was good at forgiving and forgetting and we had a blast literally too much. … We almost had too much fun.”

Newbie West Wilson said, “I may or may not have had a medical accident at the house that left me with a few scars.”

Sounds promising. Summer House Season 8 premieres on Bravo Thursday, February 22, at 9 PM/ET.