Love Is Blind's Marshall Glaze
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Love Is Blind’s Marshall Glaze Breaks Down Season 6 Relationship Shifts

Love Is Blind Season 6 has been sweeping the internet. The Netflix reality series, centered around couples blindly falling in love while dating in pods, has been a smash hit after hitting the streaming giant in 2020. 

Since then, there have been many rollercoaster relationships, from this year’s Johnny McIntyre and Amy Cortés to Jimmy Presnell and Chelsea Blackwell. However, Kenneth Gorham and Brittany Mills are the couple that’s gotten everybody asking questions. The pair called off their engagement during the latest batch of episodes after a rocky transition to cohabitation back home in North Carolina. 

Brittany admitted to losing the “crave” for Kenneth after he wouldn’t stay off his phone long enough to ask her about her day, ultimately leading to their separation. His sudden change of heart left viewers confused — even devastated for Brittany. But according to Season 4 contestant Marshall Glaze, he said the couple’s decline makes sense.  

Love Is Blind’s Marshall breaks it all down for us…


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In a new TikTok video, Marshall, engaged to Jackelina “Jackie” Bonds during Season 4’s string of episodes, explained why there was such a dramatic shift between some of the couples in the February 21 drop. 

“To me, it makes complete sense,” he began. “Coming back to reality is extremely tough. You gotta realize that they’re in the third phase of this experiment.”

Marshall explained that the first two steps involve forming a connection in the pods and exploring it further in the physical world. “Step three — you move in together,” he said. “You go back to your cities, and … go back home. You get your phone back [and can] talk to your family again. … This part is arguably the hardest part of the process.” 

“You start to see the truth in people and yourself because you aren’t in a fairy tale-like environment anymore. … You have to make time for your new fiancée on top of assimilating back into your regular life before you started filming.” 

The Netflix alum said that other people’s opinions, such as those of family and friends, can weigh contestants down, too. “If that foundation is strong from jump, and the physical connection doesn’t match the emotional and mental connections, you ain’t making it.” 

Plus, contestants “are able to see what the others look like as well. You can interact with them, you can send them DMs, you can comment [and] follow them. … You second guess your choice if you’re attracted to someone else. [You can also] be a little bit insecure because [your] person [could] feel differently about you [after] seeing other people.” 

Love Is Blind Season 6 continues on Netflix on Wednesday, February 28.