Gizelle Bryant walking outside and waving, she's wearing a black coat and walking alongside Jason Cameron, who's wearing a red jacket
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Gizelle Bryant and Jason Cameron’s Relationship Pact Revealed

Anyone with a brain has been questioning the authenticity of Gizelle Bryant and Jason Cameron’s relationship. What does the Real Housewives of Potomac superstar even have in common with a random guy from Winter House? We’re still trying to figure that out.

The two Bravolebs have been in cahoots for nearly a year after first meeting at BravoCon. They’ve both made cameos on each other’s respective shows, but you’d be hard-pressed to find them showing any public displays of affection. They don’t live near each other, and Gizelle admitted that she doesn’t even stay the night at Jason’s apartment when she visits New York City.

The whole thing has felt odd, but in the latest episode of RHOP, Gizelle finally shed some light on the arrangement she has with Jason.

An adult agreement

On The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 8, Episode 14, we saw Nneka Ihim and Mia Thornton get Gizelle to open up about what’s going on with her and Jason. At the time of filming, they had been dating for about six months. Nneka asked if they were exclusive.

Gizelle replied, “Currently, I am not.”

Then, Mia asked Gizelle how she would feel if Jason suddenly started posting on social media or popping up in public with another girl. Gizelle revealed that she and Jason discussed that, and part of their agreement is that he doesn’t go around posting other women on social media.

“On social, yes, because we have had that conversation,” Gizelle revealed.

According to Gizelle, Jason told her that she wouldn’t even have to worry about him cozying up with other women on social media. The streets suggest otherwise. We’ve all seen those photos of Jason with a blonde lady who isn’t Gizelle.

Regardless, Gizelle seems content with whatever “ship” she and Jason are in. She also made it clear that they aren’t planning anything serious for the near future. When the ladies asked if they planned on taking things to the next level, Gizelle shut it down. She confirmed that there have been no conversations about taking things to the next level, and she’s not complaining about it.

So, it sounds like Gizelle is cool with being in a perpetual situationship with Jason. As long as he doesn’t go around flaunting another girl on social media, they’re all good.

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