Real Housewives of Potomac Season 8, Episode 14 Recap: Drama in the Dominican

Real Housewives of Potomac Season 8, Episode 14
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The gals have gone abroad in Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Potomac. In last week’s episode, Robyn organized a trip to the Dominican Republic. She wanted everyone to focus on fun rather than fake conversations trying to heal their relationships. During the first moments of the trip, Robyn’s fun train nearly got derailed when Gizelle decided to crown Nneka as the new Grande Dame of Potomac.

Karen took it in strides. In her confessional, she laughed off the whole thing. She quipped, “This is no crowning, this is a clowning.”

This week on The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 8, Episode 14 “Sun’s Out Buns Out,” the Dominican Republic trip continued, and some serious drama started coming to the surface. So much for a fun trip. Here’s what went down in RHOP Season 8, Episode 14.

Let’s talk about Jason

On the first night of the trip, the ‘Wives went night golfing. If golfing is your thing, this would probably be fun. For the RHOP cast, they looked like fish out of water. Everyone except Nneka struggled to hit the balls, and this group would probably be better suited for mini-golf.

While they played around on the green, Mia and Nneka started grilling Gizelle about the status of her relationship with Jason Cameron from Winter House. Gizelle has claimed that they’re in a long-distance situationship, but the ladies wanted to know more. Are they exclusive, and what happens if he pops up on Instagram with some other girl?

Gizelle clarified that they aren’t exclusive, but she would be upset if he randomly started posting another girl on social media. She said they’d had conversations about that, and Jason told her she had nothing to worry about.

Meanwhile, over at Reality Tea, we’ve been following rumors about Jason posting up with a mystery blonde woman. Pictures are floating around social media. We don’t know when they were taken, but Jason might have some explaining to do.

Who’s screwing who?

After golfing and gossiping, the Real Housewives sat down for dinner. Ahead of the episode, Bravo hyped up this dinner like it would be some major event — one of those Housewives dinners we’d talk about for years to come. This wasn’t that.

Dinner kicked off with Gizelle talking about her daughter going to college in Florida. Although she’s attending an HBCU, they talked about how it’s scary to send a Black kid to Florida, considering its tumultuous political climate. Gizelle said that she has faith in Grace’s ability to navigate it all.

Then, Karen started preaching. She got on her soapbox, talking about how they’re a group of women who want to see each other win. It seemed like a nice message, despite coming from someone who had a full-blown meltdown just a few hours prior over not having a private room with an ocean view.

Gizelle had a hard time with Karen’s sermon and jumped in, adding that they should also be able to hold each other accountable when they mess up. Cue the drama.

“At Nneka’s house, you told Mia that she was screwing a rapper and screwing a married man,” Gizelle started. “In years past if I had said that, you would be going on a rampage about, ‘Gizelle is trying to destroy families.'”

Karen fumbled through a weak defense about giving the other girls a taste of their own medicine. In Karen’s mind, they go behind her back and talk about her marriage. The flashbacks proved otherwise.

With Karen on the defense, Mia decided to take things a step further. She dropped a bombshell and claimed she was still sitting on information about the Grande Dame that she hadn’t revealed. Everyone gasped. If Mia already accused Karen of having oral sex in a bathroom with someone other than Ray, what else could she possibly have on her? Mia played coy when pressed about it. Some of the ladies thought she might be bluffing. Regardless, it seemed to get Karen off her back.

Day 2 in the DR

Despite the drama at the first night’s dinner, the second day of the trip delivered some much-needed laughs for both the RHOP cast and everyone watching at home. Robyn arranged a revealing game for the women to play, which uncovered a lot of freaky truths about the Potomac ladies. Robyn challenged everyone to answer a sexually-charged question, and the rest of the crew had to determine if the person answering was telling the truth.

Keiarna revealed that she has explored almost all of her sexual fantasies. She said it happened during a phase. We’ve all been through one of those.

Meanwhile, Nneka was asked which husband she’d rather spend the night with. She could hardly choose between Juan and Gordon. Ultimately, she settled on Juan as the best-looking husband.

One of the cards asked Karen how many sexual partners she had in the last five years. Of course, we’re all expecting the answer to be one. She shouldn’t have been with anyone other than Ray, right?

Instead, Karen responded by announcing that she’s had over 40 partners in the last five years via her wet dreams. Remember in Season 1 when Karen wouldn’t shut up about social etiquette? Now, she’s talking about wet dreams. This show has come so far.

Ashley is finding her voice

Real Housewives of Potomac Season 8, Episode 14 recap
Photo by: Jai Lennard/Bravo

After the explicit game, the ladies headed to lunch, and Ashley decided to open up a little bit more about her divorce. She claimed that she felt a little uneasy being asked questions about her sex life, considering how she hadn’t divorced from Michael. This felt hypocritical coming from someone who already had a public relationship with another Bravolebrity. Still, the ladies heard her concerns.

Ashley then opened up about the financial situation that has kept her bound to Michael. We’ve heard this all before, but it’s the first time she told the whole group. She clarified that while Miachel doesn’t give her money, having him in her life gives her a sense of security.

With all of that out on the table, Ashley acknowledged that she needed to cut ties eventually. She hired a confidence coach, not to be confused with a life coach, to help her make steps towards divorcing.

When working with the confidence coach, Ashley said she was challenged to set a goal. You’d think her goal might be to turn a profit on her new clothing line, or to get a new resumé typed up. Instead, she revealed that her new goal is to focus on singing and writing a new song. As if “Coffee & Love” wasn’t enough for our eardrums, she wants to follow it up with another ditty.

Candiace challenged Ashley to give the group a sample of her vocals. She passed Ashley a butter knife to use as a microphone, and Darby’s Barbie rose to the challenge. She sang a few beats of her new song, “Healing & Thriving,” and honestly, it wasn’t horrible. Maybe Candiace and her can do a song together?

Catching the shade

Real Housewives of Potomac Season 8, Episode 14
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The second day of the trip seemed like it was going well. The ladies all laughed about sex. They drank tequila. Ashley sang. But, the good vibes didn’t last long. Once the ladies splintered off into their smaller cliques, the whispering started.

When talking to Gizelle, Ashley, and Mia, Robyn brought up the dinnertime conversation from the night before when they were talking about Gizelle’s daughter going off to college. She asked the other ladies if they noticed how Wendy and Candiace were making faces and giggling during the weighty conversation.

Mia and Gizelle said they both saw it. Gizelle said she felt it too, and she claimed she didn’t want to continue the conversation because she could see Wendy and Candiace being disrespectful. The flashbacks definitely weren’t on Wendy and Candiace’s side — it did seem like they were giving each other shady little glances.

As the credits rolled on the episode, we saw Wendy walking over to the Green Eyed Bandits, who were mid-conversation. Is this trip about to go even further south? We’ll find out next week.

The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 8 continues on Bravo, Sunday nights at 8/7c.