Kandi Burruss at BravoCon 2023
Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Kandi Burruss Responds to Legal Backlash Against Bravo

Kandi Burruss has no time for the legal shenanigans going on with Bravo.

“What I really have to say is – you know, I don’t want to get too involved in their legal matters or whatever, but I have had, and I hope to continue to have, a good relationship with the network,” the Grammy winner told Tamron Hall during a recent interview. 

“And the reason why I can vouch for how I feel: I’ve been on that show for 14 years, and nobody can make me do anything.” 

Kandi has long warned us not to believe the hype surrounding Andy Cohen and Co. 

Kandi, who appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, had quite the ride with Bravo. Her comments come after Leah McSweeney’s bombshell lawsuit was revealed earlier this week. 

In legal documents, Leah alleged that Andy Cohen uses his power to serve the Housewives who hit the slopes with him. And we’re not talking about Salt Lake City. “In fact, Cohen tends to provide the Housewives with whom he uses cocaine with more favorable treatment and [makes them appear more agreeably in] edits [of their shows],” the papers read.

However, Kandi said she never had that type of experience with Andy or the network. “… people know I don’t do drugs,” she said. “I’ve never been drunk in my life, and yes, I mean, some people ask for a little wine or a drink or whatever because that’s what they like – they like to have wine, they like to have drinks, you know because some people that’s what they do when they want to have fun.” 

“Do I have drinks? No. So, the same way that I have a choice, they have a choice too. Nobody is making you do anything.”

Kandi’s statements are not the first time the RHOA vet came to Andy’s defense. She backed the Watch What Happens Live host during an early February interview. Then, she urged the audience not to “believe the hype” surrounding him. 

“I mean, he may not be perfect, but he’s definitely tried to look out.” 

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