Where Does Each Summer House Couple Stand?

Summer House Season 8, Episode 3
Photo by: Felix Kunze/Bravo

The cast of Summer House is back for another season, which will undoubtedly include multiple hookups, a few breakups, and challenges that viewers only find on Bravo shows. So let’s take a look at some of the most recent Summer House couples and if they stood the test of time! So grab a Loverboy as we take a walk down memory lane. 

Danielle & Rob- Broken Up

Danielle Olivera/Instagram

Danielle Olivera has been on one hell of a single ladies’ ride. Fans last saw her on Winter House acting like a fool as she tried to process her breakup with Rob Sieber. We fans thought the separation had to do with the lack of time spent together, but as we learned on the drive down to the Hamptons, there was a fishy timeline. While chatting to Ciara Miller about her last weekend in the Hamptons, Danielle shared, “He who shall not be named was there … with his new girlfriend. You have to wonder, was there overlap? I always suspected there was.” Danielle also revealed that Robert and his new girlfriend also worked together.

Even though Danielle was still a bit miffed, she was doing her best to move on, noting, “The world is my oyster now. I wanna be in my bad bitch era, prioritizing just myself. My libido.”

Craig & Paige- Long Distance

Paige DeSorbo/Instagram

Surprisingly, Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo are still going strong even if at times, their relationship feels like a public relations stunt. The pair have been together for two years now, with Paige telling viewers, “Craig is my sweet, sweet, sensitive, childlike boyfriend. I have been taking care of him now for two years. Currently, we’re still doing long-distance. But I feel, like, in a good rhythm now.”

However, I would keep an eye on these two mainly because of how much Craig is ready to slap a ring on it and start a family. Paige broke down last season at the thought of moving away from her family and New York City. She also noted in her new confessional, “I love him so much, but I still love me, and I’m still going to do whatever I want to do, and that happens to be in the Hamptons with my friends.”

Lindsay & Carl- Cancelled Wedding

Carl Radke/Instagram

The biggest breakup story out of Summer House as of late has been the demise of Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard. The season premiere showed Lindsay in deep when it came to wedding planning, joking, “Carl, God bless him, has not been helpful. This is not my wedding; it’s our wedding. It would be nice to have a little help.” Somehow, I don’t think the Hubb House owner was joking at all and perhaps became quite the bridezilla.

But the intro did a flashforward that showed the couple having “the talk,” which mainly consisted of Carl saying he no longer wanted to get married and Lindsay telling her father she felt “blindsided.” Some other sneak peeks showed the couple arguing, Lindsay accusing Carl of being back on drugs, and the duo just spending a lot of time in the shared house. Sadly, these two just couldn’t beat the Bravo curse. 

Amanda & Kyle- On The Rocks

Amanda Batula/Instagram

The 40-year-old and 32-year-old are definitely a little shaken in their foundation as the season premiere of Summer House showed the couple in good spirits but questioning some of their core values with one another. Even though they were in good spirits as they drove their BMW down the Long Island Expressway, the two got into it on a night out at the carnival. I mean, summer is supposed to be fun, not full of heavy discussions! Kyle Cooke just has one wish for the summer, and that is to spend time with his wife, who arguably doesn’t seem that interested.

Amanda Batula is over Kyle spending so much time in his office and has made a new life that involves taking care of her dogs and watching TV. There is a clear disconnect for the newlyweds who have only been married for two years. Kyle even asked if Amanda misses him when he travels, hoping she’d run into his arms upon return, but she seems quite content being a dog mother of two. I hope these two can figure out their issues before it’s too late.