Guerdy and Russell Abraira Are Total Couple Goals

Photo by: Jeff Daly/Bravo via Getty Images

Guerdy Abraira was 25 years old when she married her high school sweetheart, Russell Abraira. On the Real Housewives of Miami franchise, these two always present as a solid unit. In every season, their love has endured, which we love seeing on the Real Housewives series. For so many reasons, Guerdy and Russell are clearly total couple goals for the Bravo viewers, and for their work put in, we say, well done.

Their Love Is Standing the Test of Time

Guerdy Abraira/Instagram

Guerdy and Russell first met as sophomores in high school, where they built up a solid friendship. However, on one of Bravo’s bios, Guerdy explained that “it wasn’t necessarily love at first sight.” Things clearly changed between the two, because their friendship evolved into a relationship during their senior year. After high school, this newly-formed couple went to the same local college, which saw Guerdy landing a career as a luxury event manager, interior designer and host, while Russell ventured into a career as a firefighter for the city of Miami.

Finally, in 2002, after 7 years of dating, Guerdy and Russell tied the knot. If you are nosy like me, their old wedding website is still up, so, do as you will. On this site though are numerous images of the pair, their ceremony, and even their cake. Naturally, Guerdy’s eye for design and event planning came in clutch, as their wedding scenes showcased a classy, stunning day.

These high school sweethearts have now been together for nearly three decades. In this day and age, that’s impressive. If you ask us, this goals-worthy duo will continue to stay the course moving forward.

Their Love Withstood Heavy Circumstances

Guerdy Abraira/Instagram

In March 2023, Guerdy announced that she had been diagnosed with stage 1 estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer after a routine mammogram. On this note, ladies, please schedule your appointments, now. We want you here. We also desperately wanted Guerdy to beat this blow, as during RHOM Season 6, we watched her struggle to process how her life might now look, with cancer.

Luckily, Guerdy had the best possible caretaker in the world; Russell. Speaking to Essence, Guerdy explained “he does this for a living. He’s a captain in the fire department, so he’s a paramedic,” which is how he was able to remain so calm and level-headed throughout her diagnosis and care. In addition, Guerdy also shared that “Russell was able to [get] medical clearance to give me shots at home because he knew how to.”

As for how this season affected her marriage, only positive gains were seen. Though Guerdy did admit that she did have a period of worry, expressing “When I saw myself so weak and not being able to do the little simple things in life, I was thinking like, “How is this man gonna ever find me sexy again?” Now cancer-free, Guerdy’s greatest worry “never happened.”

These days, Guerdy and Russell are thriving, as she further explained “it’s just a deeper foundation. And 28 years later, I never thought it would get any deeper. He showed me a whole other side for the best. The best of the best version of himself.”

This isn’t the only time Russell remained strong for his wife. In 2010, an earthquake in Haiti claimed the life of her older brother Emmanuel, along with two of his daughters. Through every heavy circumstance, Russell remains as Guerdy’s rock, while she presents as his world. Aka, couple goals.

Their Parenting Style Is Refreshingly Honest

Guerdy Abraira/Instagram

Guerdy and Russell are the parents of two boys. Their oldest son, Miles, was born in 2007, while their second son, Liam, was born in 2013. On RHOM Season 4, Guerdy reflected on the parenting styles seen in their home, explaining that “We have a good cop/bad cop situation going on. Russell is good cop. They’re obsessed with that man.”

On parenting when life gets messy, Guerdy and Russell lead their household with honesty, as a team. In her interview with Essence, Guerdy opened up about how challenging it can be to walk your children through their parent’s brushes with mortality. Speaking with a raw honestly that hit my own mothering mindset hard, Guerdy admitted that she “didn’t even tell them I had cancer. I had to have Russell do it…I chickened out.”

On-air, we watched as the ever-supportive Russell admitted to researching about the best possible ways to broach this topic within a family. This was precious, as in doing so, he’d be ready to answer any of their children’s questions within the best of his abilities. Russell was also likely afraid, but he chose to focus on Guerdy and their children instead.

After pushing forward through her fear, we then watched as Guerdy and Russell spoke to their boys in Season 6. While addressing her soon-to-be care plan, their boys listened, clearly worried. As Guerdy reassured their sons that she was going to be fine, Russell watched on, and the admiration and love on his face was clear as day. These two are a solid unit when it comes to their love-filled parenting styles, and that is something that should be lauded as #goals.