Lisa Rinna’s Most Iconic Moments

Lisa Rinna
Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images

Big Lips herself is synonymous with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills thanks to her ability to stir up drama. Lisa Rinna has often used her soap opera talents to entice a few storylines or two. The mother of two always claimed she was real and held herself accountable for her actions, but as the seasons wore on, fans just started to notice that drama loved Lisa. After leaving the show it behooved viewers to take a deep dive into her best moments. Here is what we found. 

Amsterdam Dinner


During Season 5, the entire cast took a trip to Amsterdam, but they couldn’t even make it through one nice dinner without a kerfuffle. At the time, Lisa was tired of hearing Kim Richards go after her sister, Kyle Richards, so she did the right thing and decided to stand up for her friend, telling Kim that spewing the toxic chat “just wasn’t okay.” The child actress was not about to be put in her place and lashed out, mentioning Lisa’s husband, Harry Hamlin, and his cheating rumors. 

In that moment, Lisa only saw red as she lunged out of her seat and toward Kim to snatch her up. While breaking a glass, Lisa ever iconic yelled, “Don’t you ever go after my husband.”

Lisa’s Sit Down With Denise


Season 10 was rough for Lisa as it showed her falling out with Denise Richards, with whom she had been friends for decades. The entire season had revolved around the rumor about Denise and Brandi Glanville having a threesome. Bravo cameras showed Lisa turning her back on her once-dear friend in the confusion. The James Bond star was unhappy about the gossip and sent cease and desist letters to the entire cast.

During the couch conversation, Lisa let the mother of three have it, saying, “I don’t know what to believe, to be honest with you. I witnessed something that really confused me.” Denise kept pushing the narrative of Brandi being an acquaintance, but when Lisa noted that she “wanted the footage taken out,” the conversation took a turn. She visibly became more upset with Lisa, giving us the line, “Oh, you’re so angry. Denise, you are angry.” 

The Blue Bunny From Hell


Even though Kim and Lisa were not the best of friends, the soap opera actress extended an olive branch of peace in the shape of a blue bunny when it was revealed Kim was a first-time grandma. However, during the Season 7 reunion, Kim gifted the plush toy back to her arch-nemesis. Kim pulled the stuffed animal out on stage, noting she “didn’t feel it had good energy,” while Lisa sat stunned, allowing one tear to fall from her eye, which created quite a memorable moment. 

Sutton vs. Lisa

Season 12 showed an angry Lisa who decided to host a wine-tasting event at her home. But the event was not as fun or lighthearted as one would expect since the mother of two really spent her time going in on Sutton Stracke. The duo were trying to move on past their issues, but Sutton couldn’t hold back from telling Lisa she thought she was a hypocrite. Lisa came out swinging with Sutton as they tried to move past their issues. But once Sutton said that Lisa talked out of both sides of her mouth, noting, “You’re very funny because our lunch went very differently than right now,” Lisa cursed her out and told her to leave her house in a fury. 

Many felt that Lisa came off too strong, but it became an amazing scene nevertheless. In one of Lisa’s finer drunken retorts, she told Sutton, “So do you, and you know what, fu*k you! Get out of my house. If you’re going to talk like this, you should leave. Come after me as much as you fu*king want, but do not bring up my children or my husband, period, end of story. And if you do, I will come for you until the end of days. If you come for my husband and kids, I will fu*king hunt you down!”