All the Ways Bravo Treats RHOM Like an Afterthought

Photo by: Gizelle Hernandez/Stephanie Diani/Bravo

In my opinion, the Real Housewives of Miami is at its peak, and Bravo just seems to be sleeping on its own hit! This season has everything, including a dog humping a professional opera singer’s leg, a limo catfight about flatulence, and a Real Housewives basketball game. A franchise doesn’t get any better than this. Naturally, it helps that the women all seem to be actual friends with one another. I love the Spanglish that is spoken so effortlessly, as it often feels like I am getting a cultural lesson.

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to RHOM, but I would argue with anyone who is trying to claim that Season 6 is putting them to sleep. You could easily describe the show as colorful and much like a party. The cast makes you want to hang out with the women and live that crazy Miami life. RHOM is eccentric, fast-paced, flashy, and it’s cosmopolitan. The reboot seasons also make the other franchises look super dated. The production is just so sharp and contemporary, so why would Bravo want to throw a spanner in the works? 

No Respect


One thing that bothers the hell out of me when it comes to Bravo disrespecting RHOM is that they are so willing to bump episodes in favor of other Bravo stars who are the villains. Recently, rumors have been spreading that the RHOM reunion schedule was tampered with just so Erika Jayne’s Las Vegas residency could get a boost. Honestly, now, how many times can we watch the Pretty Mess singer scratch out how expensive it is to be her?

The reunion has been allegedly moved to Thursdays, which will be fine because the fans will commit to watching it, but it boggles my mind that Bravo genuinely thinks we give a damn about Erika’s struggle to get back on top. It is obvious that Bravo is treating the Miami housewives like the unwanted step-child. I really hope Bet It All On Blonde flops just as hard as Erika’s residency did. 

​​Is Bravo Causing a Disturbance?


The simple fact that RHOM cast are treated with such disrespect is crazy to me. But could the network be doing this on purpose? Surely not, since the women never fail to understand their assignment. The last three seasons have been spectacular and include amazing fashion and drama. So what’s the catch? I mean, it could be that live ratings don’t mean as much as streaming views, but still, I say the ladies of the 305 deserve a bit more respect. Bow down to your queens! 

It feels like Bravo is purposely trying to torpedo RHOM back to cancellation again. There is a certain flavor when it comes to Miami: spicy. The women are looney, with some of them even lacking a sense of real-world skills, but I am here for the OAP singing career of Adriana de Moura and Lisa Hochstein‘s divorce meltdowns. 

RHOM Is Being Used


Bravo is running a business, but it is using the Real Housewives of Miami to push other franchises. Showing how well a reboot could work should have gotten the series more accolades, but instead, Bravo is acting as if it might be embarrassed by RHOM. The network is using the layout for the reboot of the Real Housewives of New York City and the Real Housewives Atlanta, which is great, but where is the marketing budget for the Miami season currently airing? 

 It is rare fans are seeing social media updates with exclusive clips or photos. In fact, many of the online fan accounts have taken it upon themselves to share the sneak peeks. It seems like Bravo is dropping the ball. The designated Real Housewives of Miami account’s last photo was 98 weeks ago, and the image is blurry. The least they could do is take some pride in the show since it is still very much delivering new episodes each week. Who is sleeping on the job at Bravo PR?