Every Lisa In Real Housewives Ranked

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There’s something about Lisa(s) within the Real Housewives franchise. At this time, four of the most talked about current and former Housewives just happen to share that name. At least three of them would probably make a ‘most iconic Bravo stars of all time’ list.

But only one can be the best of the best. Which Lisa is the most legendary Real Housewife of them all? We’ve ranked every Lisa in the franchise’s history below.

Lisa Wu Hartwell – RHOA

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Remember Lisa Wu Hartwell? The first Lisa on our list was a Real Housewives of Atlanta OG, appearing as a main cast member the first two seasons. However, she never popped in the same way as NeNe Leakes, Shereé Whitfield, or even Kim Zolciak. After she left the show, Lisa became one of the many RHOA alums to have the divorce curse. Now known as Lisa Wu, she showed up as a guest in Season 15.

While she gets points for being an OG, this Lisa just isn’t as talked about as the other Housewives who share her first name.

Lisa Hochstein – RHOM

Thanks to her messy divorce drama, Lisa Hochstein is currently one of the most discussed Housewives. However, does Lisa have much of a storyline outside of estranged husband Lenny Hochstein? Frankly, Lenny seems to be the main topic of conversation between Lisa and her current beau, Jody Glidden.

Additionally, the Real Housewives of Miami star has been guilty of some major missteps with her co-stars throughout Season 6. In a recent episode, Lisa made some inexcusable comments while snapping at Julia Lemigova. And though she’s not quite as audacious as her pal Larsa Pippen, Lisa should also learn how to have empathy. She’s also displayed a real lack of meaningful compassion towards Guerdy Abraira. Based on her actions this season, some RHOM viewers find their sympathy for Lisa waning.

Lisa Rinna – RHOBH

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RHOBH alum Lisa Rinna might be one of the most polarizing Housewives ever. Love her or hate her, every Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewer couldn’t stop talking about her. That didn’t stop after she left the show before Season 13. If anything, Rinna’s in the spotlight now more than ever.

We’re not sure any other Housewife loved to stir the pot as much as the former soap star. That tendency gave us some of the franchise’s most memorable moments. But it was all fun and games until it really wasn’t. Someone who gave us so many highs and lows feels right at place in the middle of our Real Housewives named Lisa rankings.

Lisa Barlow – RHOSLC

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When it comes to current Housewives, Lisa Barlow is in the top tier. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star won viewers over as soon as she admitted to loving Taco Bell as much as fine dining.

This Lisa is the perfect amount of delusional (insisting she’s relatable to the middle class) and egotistical (“I know I’m very important to God”). She has no self-awareness, but also manages to poke fun at herself. Even her worst moments are endlessly quotable. Lisa even remained entertaining throughout the much-maligned RHOSLC Season 3. She’s overdramatic, eternally watchable, and astoundingly rich. For lots of Real Housewives fans, Lisa Barlow ticks all the boxes.

We’re sure many will be surprised she’s just the runner-up. However, naming Baby Gorgeous the most iconic Real Housewives Lisa would be recency bias. Because the number one Lisa on our list paved the way.

Lisa Vanderpump – RHOBH

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It’s easy to let Lisa Vanderpump‘s exit from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills overshadow her legacy. After all, Puppygate is one of the most notorious storylines in the franchise. But for eight seasons before that, Lisa was one of THE most iconic Real Housewives ever.

As a Housewife, Lisa was classy, charismatic, stylish, and deliciously over-the-top. The British babe’s saucy one-liners made for much-used GIFs amongst Bravo fans. We’re not sure any Real Housewives home is as iconic as LVP’s Villa Rosa. For viewers who watch the franchise to see the enviable lives of the rich, successful, and famous, Lisa was the perfect star.

Over the years, she’s amassed A-List celebrity fans and friends, including Jennifer Lawrence, Lady Gaga, and Lindsey Lohan. In any Real Housewives parody, you can bet there’s a character obviously based on this Lisa. Even her dogs became pop culture icons.

Lisa Vanderpump is such a legendary Real Housewife that her spin-off also turned into a reality TV juggernaut. Now in Season 11 (!!), Vanderpump Rules is more popular than ever. And Lisa’s got yet another spin-off lined up, titled Vanderpump Villa.

If there’s a Mount Rushmore of Real Housewives, LVP is definitely on it. For all these reasons, and many more, we have to crown her the top Lisa in Housewives history.