Everything We Know about Erika Jayne’s Son Tommy Zizzo

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Like all good mothers, Erika Jayne is very protective of her son. We saw this on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7. Here, the ladies were fighting while in Hong Kong, as they do, and Eileen Davidson made an analogy that landed poorly. “She didn’t kill your child,” Eileen said, trying to get Erika to forgive Dorit Kemsley.

As Erika’s son, Tommy Zizzo Jr., is a police officer, Erika snapped at her co-star. “Don’t ever bring up killing my child again, because my child could get killed. Your kid doesn’t put on a uniform every day and night and put his life out on the line for people he doesn’t know. Don’t ever talk about my f*cing kid again. You don’t know what I deal with every night,” Erika yelled, as her anger turned into tears.

Eileen quickly backtracked, profusely apologizing to Erika. However, it wasn’t until the following day that the ladies were able to find peace. After this, Erika’s made a few other mentions of her son, but not a ton, as he’s fairly private. As for what Erika has revealed about her not-so-little anymore boy, here’s her main tea spilled.

Tommy’s Childhood Without Erika

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Erika’s upbringing helped set the tone for Tommy’s early years. In an interview with People in 2018, Erika explained that at the age of 18, her “critical” mother told her to either “pay rent or get out.” So, Erika did just that. She got her own place in New York City, where her love of performing guided her next steps.

Right away, Erika began working as a Go-Go dancer, and shortly after, she met a DJ named Thomas Rizzo. The pair dated for 6 months before deciding to marry, and at the age of 20, Erika gave birth to their only child, Thomas “Tommy” Jr. Their marriage ended fairly amicably just a few years later.

However, Erika still desired to make it as a star. Therefore, she moved to Los Angeles, leaving Tommy in N.Y.C. with his father. “It was the biggest risk I’ve ever taken,” she admitted, adding that this decision “weighed heavy” on her heart. “I was panicked, but I was committed to succeeding, and I knew he’d end up here with me eventually.”

In her memoir, Pretty Mess, Erika revealed that she began flying back and forth between the two coasts, as she wanted to be an active part of Tommy’s life back in NYC, while also trying to advance her career in CA. Eventually, little Tommy became bi-coastal as well. As for his early childhood years, Erika shared that “his school was back east…I was at every teacher conference, school play, graduation and any other event I thought I should attend.”

All in all, Tommy’s early childhood years were fairly tame. His parents did the best they could, co-parenting from opposite ends of the country.

Tommy’s Dad

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Erika’s a “proud mom,” but her son didn’t choose the public eye; she did. Therefore, she doesn’t share much about her boy. Likewise, Tommy’s father, who has the same exact name, is also private. Therefore, there’s not a lot of known information, minus what Erika has shared.

In her memoir, Erika wrote about her first run-in with Tommy’s father, Thomas, which took place while he was DJ’ing at the China Club in NYC. “He was a tall, muscular Sicilian with the kind of streetwise swagger that only native New Yorker’s can muster. He was an absolute piece,” she teased, and HUNAYYYY, share some images already!

Luckily, Erika told The Daily Dish that she and Tommy’s dad are close. In fact, throughout all of Erika’s recent legal battles, her ex has been “very supportive,” and even Erika’s mother “is close to him and his mother. People don’t understand this, but we’re actually pretty tight. They have been very supportive of me, and I’m very grateful,” she shared.

Tommy’s Life While Erika Was With Big Daddy Grifter


After divorcing Thomas and moving to LA, Erika met yet another Tom while working as a waitress. Before he became a crooked, settlement-stealing attorney, Tom Girardi was a regular at Erika’s workplace, so the two became friends. In a different interview with People, Erika shared that Tom finally asked her out on a date, and their connection was strong.

A few months later, Erika moved in to Tom’s lavish mansion, and only 6 months after, Tom proposed. As for Tommy, in the April 22 episode of RHOBH, Erika shared that Tom fully embraced his new role as Tommy’s stepdad. On this, Erika tearfully shared “That’s the one thing I loved most about Tom, when my son was younger, was that he welcomed him with open arms. I’m very thankful. That’s my guy.”

When in LA, Tommy was raised by Erika and Tom, but Erika’s made it clear that Tommy was raised within strict confines. “I raised a police officer. What does that tell you? Yeah, there wasn’t a lot of freedom. I believe in rules and I believe in, you know, constantly having those followed,” she shared, via another talk with The Daily Dish.

A mansion with rules. Sounds like a decent childhood for Tommy Jr.

Tommy the Police Officer

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During the reign of Tiger King COVID-19 Quarantine, Erika’s pride in Tommy overflowed. As an essential frontline worker, Tommy had to work his beat daily. This saw Erika proudly sharing a rare photo of her uniformed son. Currently aged 29, Tommy lives and works in LA, where he is, as far as we can gather, not married, so get in line, everyone.

As for his relationship with his constantly surrounded in controversy mother, Erika told Bravo Insider that “We are friends. I am and will forever be his mother. And, you know, I still have to cook when he comes over.”