MJ Javid and CT Tamburello on The Traitors Season 2
Photo by: Euan Cherry/Peacock via Getty Images

The Traitors Winner CT Tamburello on Claims He Stole MJ Javid’s Winnings

The Challenge star CT Tamburello is no stranger to winning competition reality shows, and now he can add The Traitors to that list. 

The MTV veteran wowed us all during Season 2 of streaming’s most-watched unscripted series, showing viewers a more compassionate side. Could it have been his connection with Real Housewives star Phaedra Parks? Or was it his loyalty to co-winner Trishelle Cannatella that won us over? It could be both. Either way, he performed the way he’s known for, slaying the challenges and adding a large majority to the show’s $208,100 grand prize. So, his victory is really no surprise. 

In case you missed it, during the finale episode, he made it to the final three with Trishelle and Shahs of Sunset cast member MJ Javid. When it was time to end the game or continue with banishment, CT and Trishelle voted to keep playing and ultimately voted MJ out. The fans are torn regarding the move. Some saw it as strategy, while others considered it stealing. So, how does CT feel? Check it out below. 

CT doesn’t feel bad about banishing MJ from The Traitors

CT Tamburello and Mercedes MJ Javid
Photo by: Euan Cherry/Peacock

During a chat with People, CT talked about fans comparing his move with MJ to Johnny Bananas‘ move with Sarah during The Challenge: Rivals 3. “That’s different,” he said. “They had won with Sarah. They were champions, they won the money to get crowned champions — and then he took it from her.”

He continued, saying the money won on The Traitors wasn’t MJ’s. “She made it to the finals. She was really, really close [and]he could see the money at the end of the table, but she didn’t win the show.”

Well, I mean, the money was to be shared among the remaining Faithful, and there she was. Whether she contributed much to the wins or not, she participated. If you just wanted to make a moment — say that.

Anyway, CT revealed that he “felt bad for MJ in the moment” but said they “couldn’t take it back.” 

“If we could have voted again, we would’ve probably all went together.” Whether or not anybody believes that? Time will tell.

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