How Less Below Deck Content Could Benefit the Franchise


The Below Deck franchise has been nonstop as of late. Below Deck now has so many spin-offs, that there is at least one season airing year-round at this point. Seasons are back to back, and viewers don’t have time to catch their breath before jumping from one to the next.

Last April, Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 kicked off, and ended in July, Only one week later, Below Deck Down Under Season 2 made its debut. Again, merely one week after Below Deck Down Under wrapped up, Below Deck Mediterranean Season 8 aired its first episode. Now, Below Deck Season 11 has premiered, again only one week after the final episode of Below Deck Med.

While I love Below Deck as much as the next, I agree that Bravo is giving us a little too much of it. It could be a good idea for Bravo to stop throwing Below Deck seasons at us back to back, which could benefit the franchise in more ways than one.

Below Deck Fans Are Getting Burnt Out


It seems to be a consensus among Below Deck fans that the burnout is real. No matter how dedicated Below Deck fans may be, keeping up with an episode every week year-round is a lot. If you get even a few episodes behind on a season, then it’s a ton of work to catch up. This is especially annoying with social media nowadays, as it’s hard not to run into spoilers online.

If fans get too burnt out, they may lose interest in the franchise altogether. This would certainly not be good for Bravo, so they should try to take steps to prevent that from happening. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic, but it would be nice to have at least a few weeks off between seasons.

Another problem is that recent seasons have been slacking a bit. Below Deck Med Season 8 in particular received criticism from fans, who found it boring and hard to keep up with. The season was a hot mess in almost every way, and there weren’t many cast members worth rooting for.

Fan Favorite Cast Members Could Shoot More Seasons

Kerry Titheradge
Photo credit: Bravo/YouTube

Another huge benefit to less Below Deck content would be more opportunities to see fan-favorite cast members. Due to scheduling conflicts and filming seasons back to back, many popular crew members miss out on opportunities to film.

For instance, Captain Kerry Titheradge will likely not be able to keep staring on Below Deck Adventure since he is now on the OG show. This isn’t terrible news, since Below Deck Adventure was not well received at all. If it was, however, then this would cause a conflict for both fans and crew members. If seasons were shot further apart, it would be possible for cast members to film as much as they would like.

In addition to Captain Kerry, there have been several other cast members who have moved between spin-offs. This is a lot of fun for viewers, who enjoy seeing cast members work with different Captains and crews. However, with such tight filming schedules, the majority of crew members are not able to do this. With fewer seasons, however, it would be possible for these crew members to appear in any season they would like.

Below Deck Fans Would Have More Time For Other Bravo Shows


Below Deck is without a doubt one of the most intriguing Bravo shows. Season 11 in particular seems like a lot of fun, and will surely entertain viewers for the next few months. With Below Deck episodes every week, however, it is hard for fans to keep up with their other favorite shows airing at the same time. Bravo is addictive, if you like one show, you probably love them all!

A lot of Below Deck fans also love the Real Housewives franchise, which has multiple seasons airing year-round as well. Another huge Bravo hit is Vanderpump Rules, which is currently airing its much anticipated eleventh season. This is a lot for us Bravo fans to keep up with, so it would help if Below Deck could take a little off our plate!