Signs That Below Deck Adventure Won’t Get a Second Season

Kerry Titheradge
(Photo credit: Bravo/YouTube)

Below Deck Adventure is the latest Below Deck spin-off cooked up by Bravo. However, the first season was not the success that the network hoped it would be. The spin-off premiered less than a year after the first season of Below Deck Down Under, which was a huge hit with fans. Unfortunately, Below Deck Adventure fell short of viewers expectations, and may not be renewed for Season 2 as a result.

There have already been several signs that Bravo will not be renewing Below Deck Adventure for another season, and many of them are telling. Here’s everything we know about the future of Below Deck Adventure, and why a second season seems incredibly unlikely for the time being.

Captain Kerry Was Cast On Below Deck Season 11

Kerry Titheradge/Instagram

The most obvious indicator that Below Deck Adventure will not be getting a second season, is the fact that the spin-off’s Captain has already moved to a different show. Captain Kerry Titheradge led the crew on Below Deck Adventure Season 1, where he was well received in the role. However, after the season aired, Captain Kerry was announced as the new Captain for Below Deck Season 11, where he would replace Captain Lee Rosbach.

This is a key sign that Below Deck Adventure will not be renewed for Season 2. After all, a Captain has never left one spin-off for another after just one season. It is likely that since Captain Kerry was one of the only well-received cast members on Below Deck Adventure Season 1, the network decided to switch him after his original show (presumably) got cancelled.

Furthermore, Captain Sandy Yawn, from Below Deck Mediterranean, was brought in briefly to replace Captain Lee during Season 10, but did not stick around long. We know that Below Deck Med was renewed for Season 8. This is likely why Captain Sandy could not replace Captain Lee long term. Since Captain Sandy was not able to serve as the Captain of two shows, it is unlikely that Captain Kerry would be able to either.

While it is possible that Below Deck Adventure could see a new Captain for Season 2, this would not be likely as Captain Kerry was one of the only cast members fans liked from Season 1.

Season 1 Fumbled With Fans


While Below Deck and its first three spin offs have all been well received by viewers, this was unfortunately not the case for Below Deck Adventure. The initial concept of the show reeled fans in, although they quickly lost interest mainly because of the cast. Other viewers complained about the production quality, which was notably worse than that of the other Below Deck shows.

The worst casting of the season was, by far, Deckhand Kyle Dickard, who was fired only three episodes in. While some viewers did not mind Chief Stew Faye Clarke, others found her to be too bossy, especially when it came to her interior team. Chef Jessica Condy was not much better, and caused a lot of chaos onboard with her own unnecessary drama.

When viewers announced their distaste for Below Deck Adventure online, it deterred other fans from watching, which resulted in shockingly low ratings. This is another key indication that Bravo will not renew the spin-off for another season, as the network would not want a repeat of the first.

The Other Below Deck Shows Have Been Performing Above Average


It’s no secret that Below Deck Adventure fell below par. However, it does not help that the other Below Deck shows to air recently have exceeded viewer expectations. Below Deck Down Under Season 2 is currently on air. Each week it has has fans on the edge of their seats waiting for more. Below Deck Down Under has done substantially better than Below Deck Adventure Season 1, mainly due to better casting and production.

Furthermore, the recent Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 was also a huge hit with fans. Both seasons aired shortly after Below Deck Adventure, which makes the new spin off look even worse. It would be hard to turn Below Deck Adventure Season 2 into a hit after the failed first season. It would even make more sense for Bravo to think of a new spin-off idea entirely.

Below Deck Adventure Season 1 had potential, but ultimately fell short with viewers. It is unlikely that the spin-off will get renewed for a second season. However, you can never be too sure when it comes to Bravo!