Summer House Season 8: Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard’s Red Flags

Carl Radke Lindsay Hubbard (2)
Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Summer is supposed to be fun, but Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard didn’t get the memo. So far, Season 8 of Summer House has shown less of the love and more of the issues between the former couple. Personally, I am having childhood flashbacks of watching some of the worst couples I knew fighting when, in reality, they should have been divorced. So, at least Carl and Lindsay have the breakup going for them. And they won’t be wasting their golden years asking, “Why did I get married?” 

Lindsay is no peach

I live by the quote that you can’t fix stupid. And before I get pounced on by another Bravoleb’s PR team, hear me out. In no way am I saying that Lindsay is a dumb woman. But watching how she processes her thoughts is a bit terrifying and eye-opening. As I watched on in horror, I could see how both Carl and Lindsay had no idea how to communicate. This season alone, Lindsay has been seen taunting and jeering Carl and often lacking logic when she is arguing with him.  

In all honesty, Lindsay has been going from zero to one hundred pretty quickly during each flare-up. After re-watching a few scenes, it very much feels that Lindsay is self-sabotaging her relationship with Carl. Looking back, I believe she did the same with her previous partners, too. Lindsay is in self-preservation mode at all times.

Carl is a pushover

It’s obvious Carl doesn’t want to fight or has no fight left in him. But watching Carl shut down and pretend to make nice while glossing over their major issues solves nothing. I will say it again: These two should have never dated. It’s actually crazy how much tension they have between them. Every solo scene they have been in has given me anxiety. It doesn’t help that all these fights have taken place in an Uber, so I am going to need someone to grab Andy Cohen and a camera stat. 

I almost feel Carl shows some passive-aggressive tendencies, which I think was highlighted during the season premiere when he said, “I’m not gonna say ‘babe’ this summer. I’m gonna say ‘dude.'” What I can one hundred percent believe is that Carl has had a proven track record of delaying and avoiding any confrontation until it explodes into a crisis. So when he dropped what feels like a bombshell on Lindsay, she was naturally going to feel ambushed.  

Lindsay name calls

There is no way to sugarcoat this; Lindsay called her fiance “Cocaine Carl” on national TV. I mean, even the Royal Family, which is currently dealing with a PR crisis of its own thanks to a mismanaged photoshopped photo, wouldn’t have called Princess Kate the equivalent of “Photo Cut Kate.” The Summer House star likes to go for the jugular, and boy, is she good at it. 

The biggest red flag

The two really were never meant to be together. I can only imagine they both thought, “Hey, this will make a great PR plan, and our love story will carry us on the show.” I truly believe they got in over their heads, and if all the other red flags had been ignored, this next one would have had sirens, whistles, and bells on it. Carl lives a sober life. Lindsay does not live a sober life. This is huge when it comes to building marriage. I totally believe that Carl took issue with Lindsay’s drinking and probably kept track of it quite often.

Now, it is easier to think that this breakup was a long, drawn-out fight that continued to escalate to a point where recovery was impossible. Most of the time, people don’t just wake up and decide to leave their partner overnight. But let’s also remember Season 1 Carl, who shared that he once bought a ring for his then-girlfriend and was about to propose but had an epiphany that she wasn’t someone he could “live within a cardboard box with and be happy,” so he dumped her instead. Lindsay loves a well-thought out plan and gets off on Excel Spreadsheets. Needless to say, these two just ignored the warning signs in hopes of a happy ending that would never come their way.