The Most Awkward Bachelor Nation Overnight Dates

awkward Bachelor Nation overnight dates
Photo Credit: Bachelor Nation via YouTube

Oh, the dreaded overnight dates. Fantasy Suite Week is arguably the most awkward week every season on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. The lead has the opportunity to spend time with each of the final three contestants overnight, which is referred to as the “Fantasy Suite”. Before the (awkward) overnight date, the Bachelor Nation lead spends the day with the contestant as well, usually partaking in some kind of fun-filled activity.

While The Bachelor and Bachelorette have both seen a lot of successful overnight dates, they have also seen their fair share of bad ones. While there is typically at least one awkward overnight date every season, these four take the cake!

Rachel & Zach – The Bachelorette Season 19

One of the most awkward Fantasy Suite dates in Bachelor Nation history was of course that between Rachel Recchia and Zach Shallcross. Up until overnight dates, Rachel and Zach had been building a strong and steady connection. After their daytime date, Rachel and Zach both agreed to go into the Fantasy Suite. However, after doing so, their relationship took a big plunge.

The morning after, Rachel and Zach were seen having an awkward conversation over a cup of coffee. After leaving, Zach admitted in a confessional that the experience had made Rachel seem like a different person. The two had important conversations about things like religion and politics, and did not seem to be on the same page after.

Zach was clearly distraught after the date, and even said that he felt Rachel had been putting on an act the whole time. At the rose ceremony, Zach asked to speak to Rachel, where he self-eliminated. To this day, Bachelor Nation has questions about what went on between Zach and Rachel that night.

Clayton & Susie – The Bachelor Season 26

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans also had a notoriously bad Fantasy Suite date, that didn’t even make it to an overnight. Susie was the third date of the week, which can be problematic when Fantasy Suite Week rolls around. At dinner, Susie decided to tell Clayton that it would be hard for her to move forward if he had slept with the other remaining women. Clayton had slept with both Rachel and Gabby Windey, which was a big problem for Susie.

After hearing Susie’s concerns, Clayton began to spiral. Ultimately, Clayton decided to send Susie home, which he later ended up regretting. Susie’s elimination later led to the “rose ceremony from Hell”, where Clayton admitted to Rachel and Gabby that he had been intimate with both of them.

Peter & Madison – The Bachelor Season 24

Peter Weber and Madison Prewett’s Fantasy Suite Week date was eerily similar to Clayton and Susie’s, but somehow even worse. Madison had expressed concerns to Peter about Fantasy Suites, after the hometowns rose ceremony. She made it very clear that it would be difficult for her to move forward with Peter if he was intimate with the other women. Peter seemed to understand Madison’s feelings at the time, but later changed his tune.

At dinner after their daytime date, Madison again expressed her concerns to Peter. Like Clayton, Peter admitted that he had in fact been intimate with someone else. Madison felt bad about this, but Peter did not seem to understand her feelings at all. Instead, Peter just complained about how uncomfortable he felt, despite knowing that his decisions would land him in a complicated spot with Madison.

Colton & Cassie – The Bachelor Season 23

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph had one of the most memorable Fantasy Suite dinners in Bachelor Nation history. Before the date, Cassie’s dad made a surprise visit to talk to her again about her relationship with Colton. He encouraged her not to commit if she wasn’t ready, which put some doubts in her mind.

During her dinner date with Colton, Cassie admitted to him that she was not ready to commit and wanted to go home. This sent Colton into a downward spiral, which resulted in his famous jump over the fence. This was another Fantasy Suite Week date that didn’t lead to an actual overnight date, which seems to be a pattern here!