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Kathy Griffin Wades Into Real Housewives, Andy Cohen Drama

In the wake of the bombshell lawsuits from former Real HousewivesKathy Griffin has joined the masses. If you’ve been keeping up with Kathy, then you know she’s been coming for Andy Cohen for quite some time. Now, she has even more to say. 

The former Bravo star appeared on a recent episode of the Miss Understood podcast to talk about the brewing drama. During her chat, Kathy said she believed several of the Housewives are “scared” of Andy since he’s in charge of hiring and firing. “I mean, these are women that are on that show, and many of them are getting DUIs … gone to prison.“

Kathy believes producers may be encouraging Housewives to drink excessively… 

Later, Kathy discussed the allegations from former Housewives, like Leah McSweeney and Brandi Glanville. They allege producers of Real Housewives encourage the cast members to drink excessive amounts of alcohol to create drama. 

Although she doesn’t think the Watch What Happens Live host is “pouring the drinks,” she said it’s likely that producers “very strongly” urge them to “drink a lot.” 

“I listen to those women when they say we were pummeled with alcohol,” she said. “I wouldn’t write that off.”

Leah, formerly of Real Housewives of New York, filed a lawsuit against the network earlier this year, claiming several serious allegations. Brandi also threatened legal action against the network since her drama with Caroline Manzo began unfolding. 

During an episode of her podcast, Brandi Glanville Unfiltered, the RHOBH alum spoke about the pressure she felt to try and make interesting TV when she filmed prior seasons of the Bravo staple. 

“You have producers trying to get you to be controversial, but if you’re controversial, then it goes against the rules,” she said. 

Kathy seemed to agree, saying, “If you’re not flipping a table, you might get fired. In order to stay on the show, [they think], ‘I have to manufacture this drama.’”

Since the allegations hit the news, Andy’s reps have denied the claims, calling them “completely false.” 

We’ll see how this one plays out.