Bravolebrities With Jobs in Real Estate

Photo by: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Bravolebrities are pros, putting everything out there for the world to judge, courtesy of Bravo’s ever-present cameras. However, post filming in their feels, several are now making deals, hustling to snag that next golden MLS listing. Likewise, several real estate-focused series also exist on-air. Every week, these stars sell their mansions, and in one transaction, they make more than I do in an entire year.

So nasty and so rude.

Seriously though, in this market, great realtors can make bank. If they can handle the paperwork, the math, and the people (ew), that is. Knowing this, several additional stars have also now put on their Herman Munster shoes, hosting open houses in turn. But, would you buy real estate from these 6.5 Bravolebrities, who sometimes have a few cracks in their foundations?

Kelly Bensimon

Call Kelly Bensimon cash heavy, not crazy. When she starred on Real Housewives of New York, Kelly’s single mom status sometimes saw her struggling financially. However, she’s since left her job in journalism, and her satchels of gold and jellybean offerings now runneth over. As she recently revealed on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: RHONY Legacy, she’s good.

“Right now, I’m in a totally different place. I have a booming real estate career. And my kids are all grown up,” Kelly explained. After obtaining her real estate license in August 2019, according to her LinkedIn, Kelly worked a brief a stint at Warburg Realty, but then she jogged over to the Douglas team, where she’s still currently positioned.

With a license to sell in both New York and in Florida, Kelly’s now rich, b*tch. In fact, she sold over $100 million in luxury properties in 2021 alone. Likewise, in 2022, Kelly received the Ellie Award for Rookie of the Year from Douglas Elliman, for her excellence in the field.

Her friend Gwyneth Paltrow could never.

Jesse and Michelle Lally

Jesse and Michelle Lally’s marriage has fallen apart post filming on The Valley. This might now affect their careers, as they co-run the LallySaniei real estate firm in Beverly Hills. With offices on both coasts, these two sell properties that even a smaller lottery win could not afford. This is necessary though, as we’ve all just learned that Jesse has “bougie tendencies.”

Tammy Sue

It’s a good thing that Tamra Judge was called back to filming on Real Housewives of Orange County. You see, her gym recently closed down. In addition, her career in real estate is, let’s just say, currently being curated. However, she did once tease about a series being in the works, where she sold homes, but that was years ago, and nothings since transpired.

In an interview with BravoTv, Tamra’s since revealed “I have my license. I will always keep it active.“ Yet these days, our little Tammy Sue primarily uses her paperwork to help her score access to the MLS. Also, when needed, she’ll still “do real estate for family and friends.”

Marisa Zanuck

Marisa Zanuck’s time spent as a ‘friend of’ the cast during Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 was pretty short-lived. Luckily for her, her career in real estate has a completely opposite staying power. All throughout the Greater Los Angeles area, Marisa’s currently making serious coins, aiding her uber wealthy clients in all of their real estate needs.

According to her Linkedin, Marisa spent “14 years at Hilton & Hyland,” before co-founding “the Beverly Hills branch of Nest Seekers International in 2013.” Here, “she has her own powerhouse team: The Zanuck Group.” Looks like Marisa’s found her way, and we hope that her ex, Dean Zanuck, has found his way as well, to someone who actually finds him to be their type.

Shame, Marisa. Dean’s hot.

Gina Kirschenheiter

Pretty soon, Gina Kirschenheiter might be able to upgrade her living situation. I say this because in 2023, Gina acquired her real estate license, and she’s already scored some seriously massive listings. One of these belongs to her former costar, Elizabeth Lyn Vargas. Quick, someone do the math, and then let me know what Gina’s take-home on $9 mil is.

Please, let Gina now become the richest cast member on RHOC. I need to see her living right next door to Heather Dubrow, drinking Champs on the regular. This is the glow-up that would pull me in the hardest. Who’s with me?

Ramona “the fired one”

It’s now time to go out with a bust. Ramona Singer also once sold high-end homes, after joining the Douglas Elliman team back in 2021. But then, in 2023, the Singer Stinger was fired. Following far too many of her disparaging class-based quips on RHONY, alongside her often-heard careless, racially insensitive comments made, Ramona first lost her job as a realtor, and then Bravo began canceling her as well, starting with her appearances at BravoCon.

For Ramona, it’s turtle termination time.