Marcellus Wiley’s Sexual Assault Lawsuit Explained

Marcellus Wiley
Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Verizon

No one was surprised when Annemarie Wiley wasn’t asked back for a sophomore season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The rookie bit off a bit more than she could chew. Especially when she went for the jugular with Sutton Stracke and her esophagus. Annemarie left a bad taste in some fans’ mouths and an impression that didn’t bode well for the newbie. After trying to state her case at the reunion, it became clear that she would not be keeping her shiny diamond. Still, it appears there were also some skeletons in her closet when it came to her husband’s questionable past. 

*TRIGGER WARNING: sexual assault discussed below*

Marcellus was accused of rape

The former NFL star has been accused of raping a woman back in 1994 under the Adult Survivors Act. The court documents via Deadline shared that the unnamedvictim attended Columbia University at the same time as Marcellus Wiley. The woman is alleging that Marcellus attacked her when he was a sophomore and star of the football team. 

The victim, now a sociologist focusing on race and culture, filed a lawsuit in the New York Supreme Court. She is accusing Marcellus of forcing himself onto her while in her freshman door room. Even though she verbally objected to the advances, she claims Marcellus was relentless and “robbed her of her virginity.” The documents even shared that the victim tried to commit suicide. 

The meat of the court documents

The court documents painted an upsetting picture. The victim’s lawyers noted, “Wiley’s actions were intentionally designed to cause plaintiff severe emotional distress or were taken with reckless disregard of the significant and/or substantial probability of causing plaintiff severe emotional distress.” The victim shared that at the time, she was friends with Marcellus when he invited himself to her dorm room. He claimed he wanted to listen to music and grab a bite to eat together. The alleged victim noted that she set clear guidelines for the 250-pound football player. Marcellus replied, “Ain’t nobody tryna have sex with no virgin! Don’t worry, I got you. Just coming to hang out while I eat. I don’t even have condoms on me.” 

But according to the lawsuit, he then ripped off her clothes and “forced her facedown onto the mattress.” The lawsuit revealed that at the time, the victim feared for her life, claiming she couldn’t breathe. The victim was able to almost escape out of her room but was “verbally threatened and physically yanked back into bed by Wiley for another round of sexual assault.” 

Was Marcellus protected?

The lawsuit also claims that the Residential Dean Kathleen McDermott, who passed away in 2011, tried to protect Marcellus’s college eligibility and future NFL career. The Dean is said to have accused the victim of misinterpreting the exchange with the lawsuit stating, “McDermott then told the plaintiff that, in McDermott’s opinion, the defendant had not actually raped plaintiff, because plaintiff was not from America and had therefore misinterpreted defendant’s conduct because ‘people from different cultures interpret things differently.’” 

At the time of the events, Marcellus was not expelled but instead placed on academic probation and had to complete the 1995 Spring Term from his home in Los Angeles. The husband and father were then allowed to return to school to continue playing football and become captain of the Lions. Sadly, the victim revealed she received harassing phone calls for months. 

Marcellus is on the attack

Recently, Marcellus went on the attack after his wife, Annemarie, wasn’t invited back to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. He took to X, formerly Twitter, to accuse Crystal Kung Minkoff of using the N-word and to suggest that Garcelle Beauvais isn’t “pro-black,” writing, “Crystal knows damn well my wife is not a Trump supporter. But, even if she was, who the hell are YOU to politically police her? Crystal also knows her virtue signaling ass shouldn’t be saying the word “N*gg@“ in videos (a word I don’t know even use), but she has!”

The NFL star went on to write, “Worse, she doubles down on dumb by implying to my wife who she has to vote for since she’s black! #CrystalBiden And Garcelle put the CON in confusion. Acts pro-black, but stays hating on black women in a desperate attempt to stay ‘Fancy’ on a show with No Blacks!.” 

Yikes- Marcellus definitely has his work cut out for him and has yet to speak out publicly about the lawsuit.