Best Bravo Podcasts You Should Add to Your Library

Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

If you’re anything like me, you love Bravo and everything associated with it. This includes but isn’t limited to, social media accounts, Bravo personality endorsements, Bravo personality clothing stores, and, of course, the podcasts that cover all the details that I might have missed during the week. I can honestly say I never thought I would ditch my car rides full of music and okay singing for episodes of super fans telling me their opinions. But I did, and I’m not looking back.

A Bravo podcast can help fuel your Bravo addiction, but if you’re like me, it may be getting out of hand—and I’m okay with that. The hottest Bravo podcasts often take on the biggest scandals, interviews with the hottest stars, sassy opinions, and share exclusive sources. Over the last few years, podcasts have exploded overnight in popularity and are now a major source of entertainment for those who crave an everyday fix of Bravo drama. 

Two Judgey Girls

The hosts, Courtney and Mary, are both West Coast girls living in a Bravo world. Between Los Angeles and the Bay Area, Courtney and Mary both have a good grasp on what it is like to live a Hollywood A-C list lifestyle. When listening to their podcast, I see that their love of Bravo shines through. With a weekly episode, it is easy for fans to keep up to date with all the drama. Two Judgey girls also put on a March Manness competition to coincide with basketball’s March Madness. It’s kitsch and fun, with this year’s winner being Craig Conover. Full disclosure: I voted for West Wilson

The Bravo Docket

I love love love this podcast because it features two badass women who are practicing attorneys who are choosing to use their law degrees and experience to break down the headline-making Bravo lawsuits. Cesie and Angela, the co-hosts, are trying to use their podcast for good as they aim to make the law accessible to all viewers. And with cases like Jen Shah and Erika Jayne, the women had their hands full. Sometimes law jargon can be intimidating, but now fans can follow along easily as they say in the words of Elle Woods, “What? Like it’s hard?” 


According to their podcast site, Steel and Shooter have 174 episodes under their belt and are “just your everyday guys that begrudgingly fell into the Bravo world only to be entranced by the allure that is Bravo TV.” Many longtime Bravo followers are not fans of these guys, as they claim they lack chemistry and often seem like they do not even like each other. But they are the newest to the Bravo podcast realm, so it might be worth giving them a chance. 

Watch What Crappens

Hosts Ben Mandelker and Ronnie Karam, who cleverly played on the Bravo show What Watch Happens Live with Andy Cohen fill out their titles and know their Bravo history. They have all the receipts filed in alphabetical order and are the holy grail for die-hard Bravo fans who also have a Rolodex of information stored in their head. Personally, I’ve been listening to Watch What Crappens for a while, and I am obsessed. Their impressions are SO on point; it’s hysterical. The duo also invites some major players onto their forum which only goes to show that even the Bravo stars know what’s up. 

Reality With the King

I couldn’t leave the King off this list, especially since Carlos King was named number 18 on the Hollywood Reporter’s list of The Most Powerful Producers in Unscripted Television. Carlos knows all since he worked on the Real Housewives of Atlanta for four years and the Real Housewives of New Jersey for three years. The inside look from Carlos’ eyes reveals what went down during some iconic fights and crazy moments. Reality With the King has defined knowledge of the Bravo realm and is seriously the go-to guy for answers.