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Lisa Vanderpump Will Never Blame an ‘Unfair Edit’

There are a few things Lisa Vanderpump won’t do. She won’t slow down after something like Scandoval. She won’t stop herself from being booked and busy between judging a food show and another season of Vanderpump Rules. And she won’t blame an “unfair edit” for her woes.

That’s what the former Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star told Bustle during an interview. She was in London working as a judge on top chef Gordon Ramsay’s show Food Stars, all during season 11 of VPR, which she admits is emotionally draining on the heels of Tom Sandoval’s cheating scandal.

A reality TV pro

Despite initially feeling she wasn’t meant for reality TV, Lisa has proven to be a pro in front of the cameras, whether that’s as a housewife, on Dancing with the Stars, on VPR, or as a judge with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey, Lisa is right at home in front of the camera, even in the face of a big scandal or a bad edit.

When asked about her time on RHOBH and how she handled staged storylines and questionable edits, Lisa was upfront and candid in her response.

“I’ve never thought the production company gave an unfair edit,” she said. “They said that I was probably one of the people who’s never said, ‘cut this out.’ I thought, well, if I get it wrong, I must have said it for a reason. I’ll learn from it.”

This is quite the opposite of most reality stars who quickly turn to the “bad edit” excuse when they look bad on a show. However, this isn’t to say that Lisa hasn’t had her outbursts during filming, she admits that it can get too much for her, too. 

“On my last scene in Housewives, I lost my mind and was just like, “Get the f*ck out of my house.’” Everyone reaches the end of their rope at some point, I suppose. 

But that doesn’t mean she stops. For Lisa, the end of the road on one journey just means it’s time to start another. After all, she likes to keep herself busy.

Hello Vanderpump Villa!

And she’s not stopping any time soon. Her newest show, Vanderpump Villa, premiered on Hulu this April. This is her fifth reality show in the past ten years, and it sees Lisa essentially test a new hospitality venture in the French countryside named Chateau Rosabelle.

Lisa had already had the idea of opening the Chateau even before the journey made its way to reality TV. This was a new challenge for her because she had to find staff that would be good at their jobs and work on TV — not always something that goes hand in hand.

The result is an eclectic group of professionals. We’ll see how they do at both opening the Chateau and avoiding the bad edit on television.

Catch Vanderpump Rules Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo and Vanderpump Villa every Monday on Hulu.