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Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky Spent Easter Apart

The situation between Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky is unlikely to get any better at this point. Considering Kyle recently hired divorce lawyers, there’s likely only one direction for the situation to go.

Of course, if a divorce does happen, that leaves some considerations. For example, what will become of the couple’s living situation? For a while now, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills couple have been living with a new normal – all under the same roof despite the separation.

Kyle knew this living situation wouldn’t and couldn’t stay like that forever. Still, neither Buying Beverly Hills star has yet to do anything about it. Although, it looks like Mauricio has a place he can retreat to when he’s not at home. That was the case over Easter.

Where was Mauricio while his family celebrated Easter?

On April 2, during an Amazon Live, Kyle told fans “We had a really nice Easter.” She explained, “It was my girls and me and sort of, my other ‘daughters,’” ergo, some family friends. “So I cooked for them, we watched movies, and it was really nice actually. A very chill Easter.” Now, a reader will notice that one person is notably absent from Kyle’s recounting.

Heavy reported that Mauricio’s Instagram story placed him in Aspen at the time of Kyle’s Easter celebration. But while Mauricio might’ve been away for the holiday, it would appear he has yet to move out of the couple’s Encino home. Kyle also confirmed, “I’m still in my house. I have too many dogs to go anywhere else. I’m still here.”

Moreover, Kyle shared that she was working on the house’s upstairs portion. “I want to do a whole wall of just different art,” she said. “Different things, different size frames and all that.” So, for now, it would seem Kyle has no intention of vacating her home.

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